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Dr. Rajeev Kurapati

Dr. Rajeev Kurapatiis board certified in Family Medicine, practicing as a full-time hospital-based Physician in Northern KY hospitals. His calling, though, transcends the bounds of biology. By uniting the wisdom of spiritual traditions, the theories of science, and the nature of biology, he strives to empower readers to better understand the complex workings of man and his mind. Born and raised in India, Rajeev Kurapati now resides in Cincinnati with his family. His first book Unbound Intelligence: Discover the God Within is now available on amazon.com.

Posts by Dr. Rajeev Kurapati:

  • Podcast: Unbound Intelligence – Discover The God Within

  • February 11th, 2014
    Listen Here: Dr. Rajeev Kurapati is a practicing family doctor and author of the new book, Unbound Intelligence: Discover the God Within, where he examines the conditioning of the human mind and lays out pathways to [...]