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Manifesting A Truly Intentional Life Part 2

What does it take to manifest a truly intentional and happy life? Finding and releasing your poverty consciousness.

This is part 2 of the manifesting blog. I hope you read part 1 with the exercises to get you started.

What was the emotional blasting zone #2? Your belief system. Your belief system limits, expands, or neutralizes your opportunities. Look at your life and if you see yourself struggling repeatedly, especially with the same topics, then you’re stuck in a loop. Consider reassessing your beliefs to help you past ‘stuck’ and onto more prosperous opportunities.

Most of the planet‘s belief system is shaped by religion.

As children, your first introduction to the way the world works and operates was influenced by your daily or weekly visits to church, temple, the mosque, Sunday school, or to whichever denomination your family belonged.

The latest statistics reveal that 95% of the world‘s population believes in God.

The majority of the planet believes that a power OUTSIDE of them selves is in control. And this means that most people hold the belief that they are powerless in effecting dramatic, spiritual change in their own lives ALL BY THEMSELVES.

What does this imply? Well, whether you know it or not, you do two things:

  1. When you initiate a Manifestation Ritual, you invite your Source, your God, or whatever Divine Presence you believe in, to be part of the creation.
  2. When you ask or pray for something you expect something outside of you to do it for you or at least support you.

So no matter what Divine Source you believe in, you most likely automatically have an expectation of that Divine Source. And the expectation is that your Source has something that you don‘t.

I believe we live in a Co-Operation with our Universe.

We do need help. In fact, for most of the folks, most of the time, their outside help is God (or Deity of choice).

So herein lies much of the difficulty in your overall state of BEING. I believe that we are Pure Conscious Love. This is my term for ‘God.’ But you see, I don’t believe that my god has a gender or an A-genda. Most folks do. And because I see life in energy in all of its forms, I also believe that Pure Conscious Love–perhaps GOD to you–is not just on the outside, but on the inside. I find the root of poverty consciousness is excluding the fact that you are Pure Conscious Love.

What if…your God is also on the inside waiting to come out? For the majority of people it‘s blasphemous (or too much of a psychological burden) to believe that SELF & GOD are synonymous. Especially if you believe that God is masculine…and especially if you are a woman who holds this belief.

Ponder what your expectations are of: happiness, having it all, deserve-ability, self-worth, your relationship to your deity, and karma.

Keep this in mind—Form Follows Thought. So as you think it (on all levels of your being…clue) you will create it.

To reduce, or completely eliminate, poverty consciousness from your psyche, call a meeting of all parts of you that have gripes, that have doubts, or that are in fear. Call forth the LOVE that you are, too. Put this conversation on paper. Pick one fear and talk to it. Get to know it.

Ask it what it believes about religion, spirituality, god, karma, and your ability to HAVE and to PROSPER.

Little by little, your overall belief system will show itself. From there, you’re one step toward gratitude for seeing what it is, without forcing it to change, will help you to start loving the fact that you are Pure Conscious Love.

Afterall, if you love all parts of you, then there’s harmony. Harmony creates expansion and collaboration for more harmony and love. So…what’s the matter? You. You are the  matter creating the matter.

Something to ponder.

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