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Loved Ones on the Other Side: Animal Readings and Human Readings

Loved Ones on the Other Side: Animal Readings and Human Readings For one year after my Mom died in 1993 she turned a little lamp on by my bed every evening.

At first I thought I left it on by mistake. Next, that my housemates were playing music in my room and leaving it on! Soon I caught on. Since then she visits me at the same time every day with some angels, filling my soul and heart with peace and confidence, reminding me that everything is always fine and well in all circumstances.

Even though I talk to many people and animals on the other side when giving readings on behalf of others, it was always a little unsettling, almost too good to be true to have my own Mom stay so close without her body alive . It has also been an immense blessing and learning of how our connections to loved ones go on after death. Thank you Mom (Cory)!

I share feelings with you that you may recognize from your own experience. It can be mysteriously overwhelming to experience the presence of a loved one on the other side. From talking to so many people about their humans and animals who passed, I know it is more common than I once thought. Many people have experiences but do not talk about them for fear of being called crazy!

Due to the many animal readings I have offered to people when their animals passed, and human readings I have offered to those whose human loved ones went over, I have found that contact can also be soothing, comforting, and enlivening. I am delighted when tears of recognition and laughs of peace fill my client’s hearts. Knowing an animal or person is fine, tying up loose ends, and voicing anything unfinished, is deeply healing.

Today I was blessed to talk to someone’s tortoise who had just passed. The person and I marveled that the session was scheduled slightly before this happened but the session took place afterwards.  At the time there was no knowledge from the person that this was going to happen. The tortoise explained that it was in life’ destiny. He wanted the person to have the session. His soul knew ahead of time that his current time on earth was drawing to  a close.

The turtle emanated deep earthy peace, tangible and nourishing. He held no upset that he passed, no blame, or resentment as the person thought he might. He had only love. His time was up. He had slipped into the next world. From his point of view this did not alter who he was, love he felt or life’s value. All was well.

Hearing this helped the person to feel the depth of how well everything really is, through both hard and easy circumstances. Speaking on behalf of the turtle helped me to remember also.

I love giving the animal communication readings and  human intuitive consults because everyone ends up transforming together. It is magic grace occurring.

Dr. Laurie Moore


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