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Chaos And Lawlessness – The Naming Of An Age, The Challenge For Us All

Chaos And Lawlessness - The Naming Of An Age, The Challenge For Us AllChaos and disruption.

These are the energies I spoke of in my article called “DESTINY IN THE BALANCE: America’s Role in the Great Cosmic Plan ” in Dell Horoscope magazine in January 2010.  “When I heard that the dwarf planet formerly known as Xena (the ‘warrior princess’) was now to be called Eris, and that her own Moon, formerly known as Gabrielle (Xena’s sidekick), had been renamed Dysnomia, I couldn’t believe it! Eris is the Greek goddess of strife and discord; Eris’s daughter, Dysnomia, is the goddess of lawlessness. Together, they represent aspects of chaos. OMG! That can’t have been an accident!! The astronomical community had lots of rational naming conventions to uphold, but really! Astrologers, on the other hand, realize that this is the naming of an age, an energy pattern!”

The recent riots in Baltimore, the bashing of police, the spitting on the American flag… these can all be seen as a reflection of this new energy pattern.  In some schools, students disrespect their teachers; in daily life, courtesy has gone the way of the dodo bird; even some Buddhist monks are fighting with their Muslim neighbors!  And in world governments, peace treaties are hard to come by and even harder to uphold as selfish aggrandizement and power trips trump brotherhood.  Our leaders look to be corrupt or feckless, and our general life standards have coarsened.

We all yearn for answers, yet keep finding more chaos and lawlessness.  

Can the renaming of tiny planetoids really have anything to do with the global mess we’re in, which seems to be worsening by the minute?  Is there any correlation between celestial events, naming protocols, and human experience?

The answer (from my astrological viewpoint) is a resounding YES!  All is one field of energy – from macrocosmic entities to people; all is an ocean of energy, and from that range of possibilities our brains construct and define (name) what we encounter.  A celestial pattern manifests in an earthly narrative.  And right now, our narrative is one of chaos and discord.

What purpose would this serve?  Why would humankind be pressed into this awful and dangerous flow, and if we manage to survive it, where would it take us?

There is only one answer.  Accelerated evolution.

We don’t evolve quickly when all is calm and we are comfortable.  We grow and change when we are under threat and challenge.  I believe (and was shown) that higher forces are designing and implementing the current disastrous mess in order to speed up human evolution.  It’s do or die.  We must learn, and learn quickly, how to overcome anger, greed, selfishness, and apathy to bring forth a new game to play in the field of life before this current game destroys us.

Spirituality, divine connection, compassion, empowerment, and personal responsibility are the actions needed.  As Maharishi told us, if enough people meditate, there will be a global shift towards the light.  So if you want to be a warrior – an effective agent of change in a danger-filled world – start an inner practice of calmness and love.  Be the change you want to see in the world, and the energy pattern will surely change.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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