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Cindy Goldenberg


Cindy Goldenberg, graduate of University of Southern California, BA Communications, is an enlightened, talented clairvoyant medium who effortlessly communicates with Deceased Loved Ones, Spirit Guides, and Angels. She sees and interprets people’s aura colors, thoughts, blocks, and bands of energy with style, wit and humor. Her positive, profound messages are always uplifting, and her gregarious style leaves audiences wanting more.

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Posts by Cindy Goldenberg:

  • Aura Colors

  • June 25th, 2019
    Mirror, mirror on the wall, what color am I after all? How you think, or should I say react, has a lot to do with your aura color personality. Whether you realize it or not, you exude an energetic frequency of brilliant [...]

  • My Ghost TV Debut

  • September 5th, 2013
    Whether or not you believe in ghosts is not the issue. It’s more about how you see yourself…as a victor or a victim. I just completed filming a new TV project for the Bio Channel called Stalked by a Ghost. Executive [...]

  • Think Pink—The Color Of LOVE!

  • February 5th, 2013
    Valentine’s day is coming up. Some of us want chocolate. others want roses or fresh flowers. A few years back, In my younger days, I would have wanted one of those exotic sexy outfits I now see in the windows of those [...]

  • A Channeled Angel Message for Dec 21, 2012

  • December 21st, 2012
    December 2012 is a time of awakening. It’s a melody, an orchestra of harmonic gifts, changes and flow. Yet so many people scurry to point out their thoughts, fears and opinions. So I thought I’d add my own—with [...]

  • Money, Power, Success, Financial Freedom… What It Takes To Have It

  • December 6th, 2012
    We are so programmed to react to someone else’s version of success by thinking we must not be doing it right. Too often, we believe headlines like: “You must have a better landing page,” or “5 Easy [...]

  • Have Another Vodka! Or 3 Ways to Elevate Your Intuition

  • November 17th, 2012
    People ask me all the time what it’s like to be clairvoyant. Is it noisy? Can you sleep? Do you see dead people walking around Starbucks?  No, yes and sometimes. Yes, I see colorful auras swirling around people. [...]

  • Ghosts, Hauntings, And Bumps In The Night!

  • October 29th, 2012
    A psychic view of earthbound spirits When I was young, I had many frightening experiences of being harassed by an unfriendly leprechaun-ish kind of ghost!  The first time was when I was about 3 or 4 years old. I woke [...]

  • 2012: A New Perspective

  • September 24th, 2012
    Dropping the doomsday mentality First of all, put down the canned goods. It is NOT, I repeat, IS NOT a time to store any food, bottled water or first aid kits. There is no need for panic or alarm. Rather, take this time [...]