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Suicide From A Metaphysical Point Of View

Suicide From A Metaphysical Point Of ViewFirst, forget sin!  From a metaphysical point of view, there’s no such thing.

A person’s choices can be poor, and even evil, but as I’ve written about in discussing karma, the ripple effects of such actions create their own reverberating consequences, and your actions if unwise come back to teach you many lessons on the Earth plane… which is kind of what I feel was meant by Jesus when he said, “Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do.”  (Perhaps he spoke of self-sabotage?)

It is better to think of suicide as just another choice.  The medium, John Edward, calls it “crossing oneself over” (to the other side).

One reason that suicide is not such a great choice is that the life you’re living was chosen by none other than yourself, and its drama and challenges were part of the learning package that you signed up for. 

Maybe you thought you could handle a greater intensity of learning than you encountered.  Or maybe you made a series of negative decisions that brought you to a point of paralysis and despair, which is called depression.  Still, these are all learning experiences, and even the next choice – which can be suicide – is yet another selection in your eternal storyline.

However, since you chose your “movie script” in order to work through earlier actions that might go back lifetimes and were the cause of suffering to yourself or another, or resulted in disharmony and disease within your body, these lessons still remain.  And thus, you will be returning (reincarnating) in order to work them through in another life, another go-round.

Suicide is not the answer because, in a way, it’s just a postponement.

And since this will be part of the soul’s overall lesson, suicide therefore is not a sin.  It’s not even a failure.  It’s a premature exit when there remain other doorways and other options for the aware soul.  In other words, the person who feels they have reached the end of their rope and wants only to choose this spot in their narrative to leave the stage may not have considered the delightful prospect of re-envisioning one’s life and choosing a different doorway to manifest this next change.

Suicide is not the only answer; it is one answer of several once you are here and incarnated.  It is tragic for those you leave behind (and for which you’ll accrue karma), but for your own soul journey it is a choice less than fully empowered.

We’re all on the cusp of learning new abilities, especially the concept that our consciousness creates our reality. 

These are not just words anymore; this is the message of the new age.  And so if we can create one reality, we can re-create a different reality – one that feels better, one that handles the givens of our lives differently, and one that even mystically and magically affects the very circumstances we find ourselves in.  A different mindset changes one’s world, making suicide no longer the best option.

My guides, the Brotherhood of Light Workers, say “Despair is a faulty notion.”  We truly are the Universe, and are learning our powers.  The best thing to learn is to choose wisely and with full awareness of our possibilities.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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