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Blue Moon

Blue MoonBlue Moon—July 31st

What does it mean? The Blue Moon is considered the second full moon of a month. They occur infrequently, hence the saying….once in a blue moon. On July 31, 2015 at 4:42 MST, the blue moon will be fully visible in the heavens. The next blue moon will not occur until January 31, 2018.

The full moon cycle has a large drawing and pulling influence on any water on the earth surface. The human body is estimated to contain anywhere from 65-75% water, therefore it can be expected to have an effect upon the human body, as well. Water energy is a conduit to the emotions of the body, explaining why the full moon will have a pulling affect upon the body.

Emotions are drawn to the surface at this time. During a full moon cycle, emergency room are known to be busier. As a past bartender, I can personally tell you, there were more bar fights during the full moon than any other time of the month. I never worked nights during that time. It was pandemonium.

On a metaphysical spiritual level the full moon is traditionally about ‘letting go’ or ‘putting an end to’ pattern. This Blue Moon, the second in the same month, becomes intensified with energy and is an excellent time to start purging those things in your life you no longer wish to be associated.

Place a container of water out the night of the Blue Moon that you will drink the next few days until gone. This infused energy will help cleanse the body. You may also add a tsp. of Himalayan salt to it if you wish for more cleansing effect.

Always check with your doctor if on medication that may interact with salt.

Next, make a list of the things in your life you wish to let go of. Use a pencil to write your list, as a pen is more permanent.

This list may include emotions, people, personal possessions, job, illness, etc. A day before the moon, on the moon, and the day after the moon, meditate a few minutes each day with your list seeing these things literally diminish and grow less and less important to you as you finally are able, on the last day, see them fade away. Imagine your troubles flying away on the wings of birds or floating away on a boat. There are several methods you may use to finally get rid of the paper.

1.You may put the list on toilet paper and literally flush it down the toilet to never be seen again!!

2. Make a small fire and burn the note. When the fire burns down place the ashes outside your property. Place the ashes safely in a garbage container or bury in the ground away from your normal places of activity. Don’t scatter them in a place you visit. You may also tear up the paper into at least 9 pieces and bury 9 inches in the ground—9 signifying endings—and plant a tree or flower on it.

3. You may tie your paper to tree or post outdoor and let the wind carry the words away. Let the rain wash the pencil off the paper or the sun bleach it.

Find the method that feels appropriate to you but please don’t litter. Each day after the moon, look at the moon and mentally add any other things you wish to let go. Be sure to say thank you. Drink your moon water until gone.

The moon and its influence will diminish over the next two weeks in a New Moon with new beginnings. Make a new list of new beginning!!

Happy Blue Mooning!!

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