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Aura Colors

Mirror, mirror on the wall, what color am I after all?

How you think, or should I say react, has a lot to do with your aura color personality. Whether you realize it or not, you exude an energetic frequency of brilliant light. Call it part of your soul, or divine light, this life force is what makes you alive, curious, and unique!

All thoughts, conscious or subconscious, create color waves, similar to reflective light prisms and rainbows. However, your personality color is something you’re born with. Like a star or zodiac sign, your aura color has overall generalities along with certain character traits.

For instance, Red aura people are usually bold, sassy, indignant, bossy, and judgmental. They like going against the grain and really don’t care what others think (Simon Cowell, Brittany Spears.)

Blue aura types, on the other hand, make excellent spiritual teachers just because they are so sensitive, caring, and deep (Wayne Dyer)

But what does this mean, especially for the New Year that’s upon us?

It means that we are becoming more sensitive to our surroundings, including our own thought frequencies. The more we know about ourselves, our tendencies and our habits, the more we can lighten up on ourselves and embrace self-acceptance.

So how does one discover their aura color?  By simply looking—it’s that easy.

Relax, breathe and get comfortable. Hold your hands up in front of you, against a light-colored wall or blank background.  Within a few moments you will most likely notice a violet hue within the edge of your skin. Keep breathing and wait for the fuzzy energy above your skin to fill with light. You will eventually see a pale band of color, or colors. This is your aura. (You will also notice that your hands will tingle. This is because you’re focusing on your energy.)

The Physical Colors

Red, Orange & Yellow personalities tend to express themselves physically. They are playful, adventurous, and expressive. However, they are not comfortable expressing emotion.

Red Aura Characteristics: Reds are independent, stubborn, pragmatic and forceful and have an overall “snap out of it” philosophy. They make great leaders since they follow the sound of their own drum. (Madonna, Donald Trump, Michelle Obama, Steve Jobs)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – Reds will find ways to advance their leadership for more altruistic endeavors. Although not emotional beings, they are being called to step forward and create monumental changes for the greater good. Their impatience and irritability will help redefine many new businesses—corporate and otherwise.

Orange Aura Characteristics: Oranges “gotta” touch, eat, taste, smell and feel everything life has to offer! They play big, are attracted to drama, and have a healthy “go for it!” kind of attitude.  (Tom Arnold, John Goodman, Carrot Top, Rachel Ray, Wynonna Judd)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – They are here to show us that school classrooms are not only ineffective, they’re actually detrimental to learning. They remind us that life is about “participation” and “doing.” It’s not a passive recreation. By overcoming obstacles and challenges, they are here to show us that solutions only come from shared experiences.

Yellow Aura Characteristics: Dynamic, outgoing, charismatic, and ridiculously optimistic, this color likes to play. Child-like and wondrous, their positive attitudes are contagious.  (George Clooney, Jim Carrey, Ellen DeGeneres, Robert Downey Jr.)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – These colorful people are being drawn to push boundaries and literally not take ‘no’ for an answer. Like the Reds, their incredible stamina will force people to make societal changes for the greater good; however they have no problem gaining a lot of attention by making waves.

The Mental Colors

Green and Logical Tan personalities like to think, learn, and decide though facts, data and logic. They also like graph paper!

Green aura characteristics: Deliberate, exact, precise, finicky, controlling and repetitive, these people can drive others crazy with their need for precision. Although not bossy in nature, it suits them to be in a position of total control and power. (Dr. Phil, Ryan Seacrest)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – Money, power, precision, but in a whole new way. Like excellent advertisers, they are being led intuitively to see business structures  differently. Similar to Tom’s Shoes where profits are shared with charity, green aura personalities will be the visionary architects for a new business model.

Tan aura characteristics: resilient, unfazed, calm, and centered, these people have a ‘slow and steady wins the race’ kind of attitude. They enjoy being part of a collaborative team. (Nobel-Prize Winning Economist Paul Krugman, Scientists, Researchers.)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – To allow themselves to be seen in different light. Logical yes, however these supportive people are being drawn towards helpful endeavors where their analytical expertise will shine. By consciously surrendering what societal norms ‘should be’, they open themselves up to what ‘could be.’

The Emotional colors

Blues, Crystals, Violets and Lavenders are driven by passion and creative expression. They are moody and extreme. Since they are so sensitive to their surroundings, it is quite natural for them to be highly intuitive.

Blue Aura characteristics: Deep, spiritual, and loving, Blues are excellent mediators, always guided towards maintaining peace. They love to give, love, give and love. Let them. It makes them happy. (Paula Deen, Jay Leno, Al Gore.)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – Since Blue aura people benefit others through teaching, this will be the year that they can begin to relax and allow others to come forward, discovering the spiritual truths Blues have always known about.

Crystal Aura characteristics: Serene, pure, delicate and wise, these people have a simple, Zen-like healing quality that is formless, gentle and composed. Extremely delicate, they cannot be around harsh people or negative surroundings. (Liam Neeson, Deepak Chopra, Dr. Oz)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – It’s time for them to come out of the closet and celebrate their spiritual interests. From Reiki instruction, Pleidian teachings, to sacred sounds, these individuals are drawn to a life of alternative healing. Everyone benefits from their clear connection to parallel realities. Their unique vibration literally elevates our souls.

Violet Aura characteristics: Violets are charismatic inspirational leaders driven by purpose and passion. They ‘see’ the big picture and have a “nothing’s impossible” kind of attitude. (Barack Obama, John F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Beyonce.)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – This is their time to lead, to eradicate, to change, transform and transcend international politics, global communication, governments, and schools, to create a new supportive, successful structure for all of mankind. No pressure here. They are geared for success, especially when it’s for humanity. They will captivate us with their calm style, wit and humor, and make it look effortless to help one another.

Lavender Aura characteristics: Similar to Violets but with a twist…of lime, tequila and salt! These flamboyant personalities not only see a better, more enchanted possibility as our potential truth, they can cause a stink about it if they don’t feel understood. Fearless, flirtatious, and precocious, these sparkly personalities bring intricate beauty and rich details to life by casting a hypnotic “Ok, I give in” spell upon others. (Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, Lady Gaga, Drew Barrymore.)

What’s in their best interest for 2013 – Let them go first! Lavenders dictate the airwaves…through decorator shows, lifestyle, travel, acting, and the arts! This is the year they stand out. We need them to show us how to eat, dress, exercise, be happy, play, pray (Marianne Williamson), dream, ask and believe! As Guardian Angels for this New Year, they will show us how to celebrate our life to the fullest.

No matter what color you are, this is the year for you to be happy, rich, successful, healthy and joyfully abundant! Cheers and Happy New Year 2013!

Cindy Goldenberg is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.