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Helping In Disasters Through Non-Monetary Means

As natural and man-made catastrophes become seemingly more prolific and intense during this era, many of us are left physically unscathed but psychologically reeling.

The world may seem unsafe, unpredictable, and ever more chaotic. In this circumstance, one is moved to help but the avenues to do so may be limited because of restrictions on one’s time, one’s geographic location, one’s finances, and even confusion as to what would be smart and best. For instance, there has been push-back against certain charitable organizations that are shown to swell their executives’ coffers while dispensing miniscule amounts of aid to the stricken.

There are other avenues of relief. These are available to anyone who would like to partake in this fashion.

In spiritual circles, it’s known that peace and serenity must begin within.

Activism, while helpful in specific ways, does not completely relieve your own agitation about each calamity as it strikes and then engenders scary headlines.  Inner peace is elusive in the face of a world gone amok. So let’s look at a different way.

As you sit at your desk and read this on a computer screen, you are presumably far away from the event’s ground zero, whether it be in the central states of America, or the devastation in the Philippines, or any major event that causes mass death and destruction. And perhaps you feel helpless and ever more anxious.

Well, take a small breath and remember that you have the power of visualization.

That means that you can, with your mind alone, shed light on the event in terms of meaning, and at the same time send light to the stricken in the sense of heartfelt empathy and compassion. You can find some way that your mind can give meaning to the devastation and pain. By this, it’s meant that you can reframe the story of what has happened in terms that sustain a positive worldview. A positive worldview can mean, for example, that global events of suffering cause all of humanity to open the heart center and feel a connection and desire to help each other.  It can mean that there is underlying purpose in the challenges of today’s world. And some may wish to believe that the ultimate divine purpose might be to shake humanity awake to better take care of its planet and to lessen the misuse of its resources.

If this seems far-fetched to you as an antidote to devastating suffering or as a palliative to the infliction of harm, remember that the mind is the creator of reality. Remember that it is the open heart that brings better karma back to you. Remember that for long ages, mankind used songs, prayers and dances to evoke spirit and to petition the universe for beneficent change.

Visualize Healing Scenes

When you finish reading the words on your computer screen and have taken your calming breath, visualize the stricken part of the planet as being healed and restored, healthy once again and calm. Visualize the people who remain as finding new relationships, as helping one another, and as receiving aid from other people whose mission it is to travel there and provide it, physically, monetarily or otherwise. Visualize these healing scenes. Time may be required but patience is a help, and wisdom is the ultimate outcome.

When catastrophe occurs, you’re not helpless. And although your coin is useful, your heart and mind are even more powerful to the restoration of peace in that place.

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