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Word Up

‘Avra K’davra’ is a Hebrew phrase that means, “I create as I speak.”

Move over Voldemorte, your time is up. If you’re not aware of what you’re creating, then it’s time to become present.…present in body, mind, and spirit, and especially present with the words that you use. Words carry vibrations. Those vibes move through people faster than cell phone transmissions. Pick up your magic wand and begin, “Avra K’davra…” then fill in the blank. Listen to the words you use to define your life!

Here’s a word that requires definition: Coincidence. Co-incident. This is when two energies are in need and come to aid each other. It’s part of Manifesting.  If you were privy to your thoughts flying through your unconscious self, then you wouldn’t be so surprised when you say, “Gee, I wish I had a baseball glove,” and then cousin Johnny stops by to give you his old one.

Co-incidence happens because we’re all working together with our energies on some level. We’re just unaware of it. Amusing thought, ain’t it?

When you begin to manifest consciously, you’ll look for clues, answers and meaning in everything.

I knew a woman who went overboard with omens. She was working toward a new career but in the meantime had a so-so job to pay the bills. At work one day she cut her finger. When I saw her after work she thrust her finger into my face and peered at me.  She asked, “What does it mean?”

I said, “That you were clumsy maybe?” I dunno. Geez.

Looking outside of your self for answers is fun and also necessary.  But at some point you must focus your attention inward. Otherwise, you’ll be so distracted by omens that you’ll lose focus. When you lose focus, you lose the power to manifest and your words become convoluted, mixed messages abound.

Although it’s essential to decipher the clues you’re given from the outside world, it’s more important that you understand your response to the outside world. Your responses tell you much more about yourself than anything outside of you ever could. Your responses tell you if you’re being governed by poverty consciousness.  And if you’re paying attention, you can stop the behavior to make room for positive changes.

Each thing in the world gives you a perspective of yourself, including your words. The mirrors of your life are everywhere. You can look for the meaning or answers in astrology, the newspaper, in movies, in religious scripture, via your intuition, or stains on your carpet. You can find meaning in anything in which you BELIEVE you will find meaning.

You are the experience. You are the life on this Earth. What you choose to do with you, the experience, your life, is up to you. The way in which you respond—to those around you, to situations, to your work, to your play–defines who you believe yourself to be.

There’s no right or wrong. There is only your experience. You are a Co-Creator in this Cosmos. You are Pure Conscious Love.

Think about the very next word you’ll use to create your world. What’ll it be? We’re all ears. Word up.

Read more posts by Elaine Marolakos Edelson, intuitive channel, empath, astrologer, and energy worker. Elaine is a blogger for JenningsWire.