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An Era Of Religious Troubles Marches Forth

An Era Of Religious Troubles Marches ForthThe astrological pattern referred to is shown by Saturn’s entry into, and passage through, the sign of Sagittarius, which will last until December 2017.

It will bring forth clashes of ideologies, workable and unworkable solutions to mankind’s different religious beliefs, and, because Saturn represents tests and restrictions, it will certainly reflect the problems inherent in belief systems that are fanatical and intolerant, i.e., limiting.

Right now, as of this writing in mid September 2015, the passage of Jupiter in early Virgo is square to Saturn’s entry into early Sagittarius, and brings excessiveness to the problem (a pattern that may be repeated again in May 2016).  A phrase on the internet referred to the tsunamigration of Syrian refugees steaming into Europe and America… and in fact, overwhelming Western civilization with their numbers.

With Saturn square to Jupiter, we have one part of a frustration, namely, not just feeding and caring for a humanitarian crisis but also the problem of resistance to assimilation.  If Islamicists maintain an agenda of blanketing the world with their own version of religion and their own set of ideologies, this creates conditions for battles.  Wars have often been fought over incompatible religious beliefs.

Adding to this difficult mixture is the third pattern of Neptune in yet another mutable sign, that of Pisces, forming a square to Saturn.

This pattern, at its height now, and again in September 2016, brings forth Neptune’s principles of idealism and compassion – a perfect reflection of a fundamental Christian concept of turning the other cheek – which could certainly be undermined by gullibility and even betrayal.  This would be the downside of excessive kindness or optimism in the face of this overwhelming mass migration of individuals from one land to another, and one culture to another.

Of course, everyone is aware that there can be deception; that the open-heartedness can, in fact, let in the threat of terror internally.  That is something that must be considered.  Leadership plays a very important role, and a country’s leader should not under these aspects particularly follow misguided idealism which would be a formula for disaster, but find some way to balance aid and succor with strength and defense.

A key question was left dangling on Facebook, i.e., would Islamic countries accept millions of Christians under similar disastrous conditions?  It is something we should all ponder, for balance and equality, and love and light, represent the cosmic goal of becoming one people and one world.  It would seem that this cosmic goal is far distant from us at the moment, and may move closer to realization in the coming years depending upon cultural assimilation, gratitude, and tolerance between very diverse people instead of betrayal, terror, and zealotry.

We’re being pushed forward in an accelerated way, and our next choices, decisions, and leadership will play a powerful role in the world outcome.

Judi Thomases is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire online magazine.


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