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Do You Always Look For The Fulfillment In Your Day?

None of us should sit and wait for the perfect moment. Seize the moment and make it perfect!  Have you ever waited for “someday” for all of your days to be perfect and the timing is right? I felt I had to rush against the clock [...]

Ever Think Of Your Friends As “LIFE-SAVERS?”

In our busy, frantic world of today, a girl’s night out is now considered following doctor’s orders. Maintaining close ties to your friends can be as important for your health as working out, eating the right diet and balancing career [...]

Do You Send Out “Happiness?”

It feels good to contribute and give of myself – so I do it.  By doing so, I come “ALIVE!” Your happiness is a gift that sends ripples of joy endlessly out.  This is a deposit of aliveness into all the experiences in your [...]

Ever want to “GIVE” to yourself?

Why not seize all the small daily occasions and make the day special for someone else? If you do, you will give to yourself. Once you have enough to meet your needs, you will find extra money and time do not increase your happiness.  It’s [...]

Ready To Re-Charge Your Batteries?

I truly believe that it is very important to have activities outside of our normal work day that brings us joy. When we get so caught up in helping others, sometimes, we forget to help ourselves.  We suddenly forget what is really important [...]

Happy People Thoughts

Most positive people have a deep belief and understanding that things always change and evolve. They realize that emotions come and go, a bad moment does not mean a bad day.  Tomorrow is a brand new day.  They always remember to have hope [...]

Short Or Long Term Goals?

It’s nice to get instant gratification from short term goals. It is much harder to stay engaged once the initial excitement of starting something new has worn off, agree? If we set long time goals, most of the time it is hard to stay [...]

Ever Chased A Dream?

If you have a dream, something that really excites you, inspires you and maybe keeps you awake at night, I may have some tips to share: Believe with all your heart that it is possible.  We often think of dreams as things most people don’t [...]
Do You Spend Time Looking For "Your Thang?"

Do You Spend Time Looking For “Your Thang?”

It’s pretty funny, annoying and brilliant, how often things turn out to be nothing like we thought they would be. So much time is spent wondering what our “thing” is.  I thought long and hard about how would I ever know which [...]

Do You Look Forward To Each Day In Your Life?

When we don’t look forward to something, when we simply don’t enjoy it, we are not living in the present moment. It’s like life is rushing past us and we feel we are simply waiting for something more interesting to come along. [...]

Should You Love Yourself MORE?

All of us want to be happy, but sometimes we hold ourselves back from that possibility. You know that little voice inside of your head; you know the one I am talking about.  Sometimes we listen even when we shouldn’t.  This little voice [...]

Do You Ever Follow Your Inspiration?

Have you ever thought that the world needs you to follow your inspiration? We should be true to ourselves and if we cannot put our heart into it, we need to take ourselves out of it.  It’s that simple. Ever had time to think about things [...]

Want To Be Grateful With Your Life Forever?

Have you ever thought that gratitude strengthens your immune system and makes you happy and more optimistic? Rather than focusing on what we don’t have, why not focus on what we do have? When we spend time focusing on our blessings we [...]

Is Your Life Stuck In A Rut?

We have all been there and it is very upsetting, sometimes making the situations more difficult than they appear to be. The uncertainly of it all becomes overwhelming and over time paralyzing.  Ever feel the frustration, the sadness that usually [...]

How Can You Make Your Life Shine?

Simplifying our lives can be hard because it forces us to own our values and shape our lives around them. What makes you a real treasure around other people?  What do you do that lights up your inside?  Ask a friend; their insight could be [...]

Inspiration Created By Motivation

One of the hardest challenges I face is how to create motivation – how to keep things going when things get hard. I think the secret is not an external force, but an internal superpower called inspiration. When you are inspired, you will [...]

Why Not Put Yourself FIRST In Your Life?

Everyday put yourself at the top of your list. Tune into your heart and really listen to what it is telling you on a regular basis. Care for your physical and spiritual health, slowing down enough to allow yourself to simply receive and enjoy [...]

How To Make And Find A Great Friend!

Friendship makes one a happy camper! I truly believe that the essence of friendship is care and respect. It has nothing to do with money or how cute you are, or material things.  A true friend is always there for you, no matter what, in the [...]

Are You Looking For Your Passion In Life?

Have you ever thought how you can find passion or your true calling in this life? Think hard and discover who you are. Take a in-depth look at yourself, how you behave and respond the way you do to others, how you interact with others and what [...]

How Do You Create Everyday Happiness?

Some days I wake up with rocket fuel in my veins, ready to take the day by storm. Happiness seems so natural, but other days it seems like I have lead strapped to my feet. Ever been there? I suppose we all have. We need to practice being happy. [...]

How Can We Get The Wisdom To Move Beyond Worry?

Our thoughts might look like a string of what – ifs. What if this or that goes wrong?  Sometimes we think if we worry enough we can prevent a catastrophe event.  While worry may be a hint that there is something you need to take care [...]
Enjoying Life

Want To Live Your Life With GUSTO?

Do you make a choice, each day, to seize the moment, every single moment? There is an enormous difference between just existing and being fully, joyfully consciously alive.  To live with passion is to really accept and embrace the precious [...]

Want To Boost Your Mood?

We all have periods of time when we feel down and blue. Maybe, things seem to be picking on us with undue stress or things are happening beyond our control. A few suggestions to help you feel better: Walking   When you are stressed, get out [...]

Words I Can Live Without!

Don’t be pushed by your problems in life, but led by your dreams. Have you ever thought how powerful words are and how much energy they carry in our everyday conversations? Five words I am trying to eliminate are: SHOULD  –  This [...]

How To Build Your Self Confidence

Have you ever wanted to do something but felt terrified to start? Maybe, some self-confidence could help. When you start to feel unsure of yourself remember, we are all born with confidence and when we lose it, we can get IT back if we turn [...]

Have Problems Turned Into Blessings For You?

Ever had your day start off pretty good and then something happens that turns your world upside down? . . . Like delays, missed opportunities and major nuisances that can suddenly make your blood boil way past simmer?  Some of these problems [...]

Think It Is Time To Look For Some New Adventure In Your Life?

Does your life seem to drag you down and you feel a need to change the pace with some real excitement? Sometimes, you just need to quit dreaming and get up to give yourself a new start in this brand new year.  Do you think it will be easy?  [...]

Have You Ever Been “Tickled” At Your Own Life?

How many times during the course of the day do you catch yourself actually laughing? Laughing is  very good for your overall health and attitude. It releases a lot of emotions, helps you to visibility relax and recharges the soul and on top [...]

Do You Hear Your Life As An “Echo?”

Have you ever stopped for a moment to realize that what you send out – will come back to you? If you sow in earnest and in love, you will reap the rewards. What you give to others – you will get. What you see in others – really [...]

Break The Status Quo & See Your Dreams Break Out Into Reality

So often we build things up in our minds to be way bigger than they really are. We convince ourselves that what we want is going to take too much time and too much work and we will never “see our dreams come true.” Basically, we [...]

Need A Change In Your Life?

So much time is spent traveling through life on autopilot. Just going through the motions, accepting what is and having each day pass like the one before it. Everything seems normal and so comfortable except for that little nagging thought at [...]

Is Self-Esteem Important To You?

Nothing is more important than how you feel and think about yourself. A high opinion of yourself and who you are and what you do are one of the things that people often miss or have too little of in today’s world. Why do you think building [...]

How Do You Find JOY In Your Life?

Joy is a feeling that is so exquisite you don’t know how to contain yourself. You begin to feel it so deep within you and it feels so in tune with the present moment. If you let yourself dream, slowly the joy will begin and a new hope [...]

Don’t Let Your Life Whiz By, Live It To The Fullest!

Don’t just exist, live your life to the fullest. So often, we find that we live our lives on autopilot, just going through the motions and having each day pass like the one before it. That’s all fine and comfortable until you reach [...]

Have You Ever Thought “Who Am I?”

Just be yourself! From very small children we have watched and listened to our parents, friends and teachers express and live their views and beliefs. Most of us have tried to model our behaviors to fit into day’s world with all its expectations. Do [...]