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Ever want to “GIVE” to yourself?

Ever want to "GIVE" to yourself?Why not seize all the small daily occasions and make the day special for someone else?

If you do, you will give to yourself.

Once you have enough to meet your needs, you will find extra money and time do not increase your happiness.  It’s only when you give to others you will find total happiness.

You benefit from giving by connecting with others.

You will notice that giving to others ripples out across your day.  You may only have a gentle hug or an encouraging smile to give but what a huge difference this can make for others.

If we give from our heart, with a true desire to connect to others, our day even becomes special for us.

Giving can become a good habit you can develop over time.  

If you stop to notice others who pass through your day, you will recognize how many opportunities come our way each day.  The more you give of yourself, the most incredible joy will slip into your heart.

Look for those ordinary moments and make them special for others.

We are so blessed with the beauty of this holiday season, why not make someone’s day ever so special and see how happy this makes you too!

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