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How Do You Create Everyday Happiness?

How Do You Create Everyday Happiness?Some days I wake up with rocket fuel in my veins, ready to take the day by storm.

Happiness seems so natural, but other days it seems like I have lead strapped to my feet. Ever been there? I suppose we all have.

We need to practice being happy. This is a mindset we can nurture and train. It’s not with us each second, but when we notice it is missing, we can try to tweak it. Why not plan the night before to tackle something we want to do in the morning? This makes us happy when we can see that we are making progress on something meaningful.

Maybe, we should plan less and live slower – meaning that we don’t rush and run through our life all day, stress is a killer of happiness. Why not drive slower, eat slower and savor our food, etc.  You can still slow down and still get things done.

Get lost in a gratitude and happiness flood. Think of the things that bring a smile to your face. When we are in an emotional state of gratitude, it is impossible to feel all the negative emotions like stress, anger and unhappiness. The simpler things you are truly grateful for, you will find more and more blessings headed your way.

Be around people who make you happy and smile.

This is contagious as it gets. Do it everywhere and see how happy your day becomes!

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