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Ever Think Of Your Friends As “LIFE-SAVERS?”

In our busy, frantic world of today, a girl’s night out is now considered following doctor’s orders.

Maintaining close ties to your friends can be as important for your health as working out, eating the right diet and balancing career and family responsibilities.

People with many social connections are more likely to outlive their solitary friends who do not interact with their buddies.  The strongest people seem to be the ones who make it a priority to carve out time to spend with friends and family. Simple interaction with others could be the key here.

Each relationship we have is different and reinforces us to take better care of ourselves.  In other words, your BFF might not care about your BMI and your exercise buddy may not give the best relationship advice, but between the two of them, they have you covered, becoming the best life-savers you could have.

Be your own best caretaker.  Look out for yourself and this will make you a better friend to others.  When you feel good, you look good and it draws people to you like a magnet.  They want your enthusiasm and exciting attitude for life to rub off on them.

It’s a Win – Win situation for you that keeps you healthy and happy in the long run.

Mary Ann Sheveland is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire, a blogging community created by Annie Jennings.