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Short Or Long Term Goals?

Like Short Or Long Term Goals?It’s nice to get instant gratification from short term goals.

It is much harder to stay engaged once the initial excitement of starting something new has worn off, agree?

If we set long time goals, most of the time it is hard to stay focused, so perhaps we need to remind ourselves that we are in charge.  So many reasons we get off track with our goals, are: self-doubt, fear that we can’t do a good job and a concern we are not being realistic.  It is totally up to us to move forward or simply toss our goals away.  Once we get doubts, we feel that we have no power; however, we generally do have.

If you have been moving forward with your goal, pat yourself on the back, remembering how far you have come.  

When you stop to do this, you can see that it took one step at a time and this is a big deal.  Explore your reasons you are going for the long term goal and remind yourself of this often to stay motivated and excited.  In order to make longer goals, we need to understand that we have solid reasons to continue that make sense to us.

It sure does not hurt to remember that most goals, either long or short, require our flexibility and our patience.

Once you meet your goal, how happy is that going to make you?  Good Luck!

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