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Do You Send Out “Happiness?”

It feels good to contribute and give of myself – so I do it.  By doing so, I come “ALIVE!”

Your happiness is a gift that sends ripples of joy endlessly out.  This is a deposit of aliveness into all the experiences in your life.

Your life is what you have to offer, when your life is full and vibrant, you give out energy to every living thing.

Joy brings out the best of you.  When you feel alive and happy you want that for everyone else and you begin to see how other people’s happiness adds to your own.

Your happiness is well worth your time and it’s far more valuable than you can realize.  

Have you ever realized how your joy and happiness impacts everyone around you?

Why not look for those things in life that make you so happy and let others see it flowing from you? There is nothing better than feeling so happy and spreading your joy with others.  Now that makes you feel “ALIVE.”

Why not try this?

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