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Do You Hear Your Life As An “Echo?”

Have you ever stopped for a moment to realize that what you send out – will come back to you?

If you sow in earnest and in love, you will reap the rewards.

What you give to others – you will get.

What you see in others – really exists in you.

Here’s the thing, we are not all on our own and totally alone.  We all have to face challenges in our lives and we can all find support if only we reach out for it.  We need to surround ourselves with people who make us feel alive, who will provide us with support, inspiration and give us words of encouragement.

When we stop and really give of our time, attention, talents and our love to others, we get a sudden rush of self-satisfaction and a sense of well-being.  These are the “echo’s” of life and how sweet they sound.

Why not give yourself time and space to reflect the situations in your life that make you feel the most content and comfortable.  When we learn to nurture our minds and body in a way that gives us more confidence in our abilities, we soon find more self-satisfaction and happiness come our way.

Have you taken the time to sit quietly to listen to the “echo’s” of your life?

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