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Do You Spend Time Looking For “Your Thang?”

Do You Spend Time Looking For "Your Thang?"It’s pretty funny, annoying and brilliant, how often things turn out to be nothing like we thought they would be.

So much time is spent wondering what our “thing” is.  I thought long and hard about how would I ever know which is my “thing.”  What is the one thing I’d be really good at and be so enthused by that I wouldn’t want to continue with constant dabbling in so many things?  Since I couldn’t figure it out, I just kept going.

As time went on I realized that all the dabbling I did was essential and not really a waste of time.  Since we are all a work in process, our colors slowly begin to shine.  When I really thought about it I think my “thing” is me being just what I am.  It’s being curious and creative, it’s exploring, demonstrating and sharing what I learn through creativity; it’s helping, supporting, and encouraging people to find their own unique ways to express themselves creatively.

It’s doing what I’d do anyway and letting it en-vole into something that feeds me and others.  The more of your unique inner rainbow you reveal, the more it will become clear who you are and what you are here on earth to do.

Why not stop looking for your “thing.”  Just start living your life in all the ways that are exciting to you.  Explore, create, discover and absorb all that life has to offer and before you know it “your thing” will be front and center in your life!!

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