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How Can We Get The Wisdom To Move Beyond Worry?

Our thoughts might look like a string of what – ifs.

How Can We Get The Wisdom To Move Beyond Worry?What if this or that goes wrong?  Sometimes we think if we worry enough we can prevent a catastrophe event.  While worry may be a hint that there is something you need to take care of, prolonged worry makes you spin your wheels.  It just fuels your fears and you wind up missing precious moments of today.

Perhaps, the best thing you can do is to show up and do your best. Sit down and put your worries on a blank sheet of paper. Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen – what do I want to achieve – what advice would I give another with this worry?  Why not try to re-think your thoughts? Thoughts can feed our anxious feelings.  We can challenge or change our thoughts from a pessimistic to a calm and positive state of mind.  Worry is simply a way not to make decisions or take action.  We give worry the power it does not deserve.

Letting go of worry can be difficult, but one needs to practice – this is the key. Take a breath now…

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