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True Story: House Guest Accidentally Reveals Secret Of Success

Do you know why your clients love you? What makes you different from your competitors? You should, or you just might change what is making you successful. Here’s how it happened. I came up with a bright new idea for my home office.  But first, [...]

Free Teleseminar Replay: 3 MEGA Publicists Answer Book Promotion Questions!

GOT BOOK PROMOTION QUESTIONS? Welcome to the Annie Jennings PR replay presentation of GOT QUESTIONS? Ask three top national publicists anything! We have loads of questions from authors, speakers and experts on topics ranging from “how do I [...]

RoundUp: What Job Interview Questions Keep You Up At Night?

Is it “what would your former boss say about you?” Or the dreaded “tell me about yourself?” JenningsWire queried real life job candidates, as well as the pros, to find out what oddball questions caught them off guard.  Not [...]

Getting Beyond The B.S. – We Want To Believe To Find Our Truth…

Late last night on Facebook a contact, Kathy was sharing with me how she was so excited. She has fallen in love with a man that she had a romantic two week liaison.. This man was making her big promises. Promises like marriage, [...]

Want To Sell More? Stop Being A Wimp! Be A Black Belt!

Some years ago I attended a sales seminar for martial arts professionals. The presenter was introduced as one of America’s top car sales reps- and they made it a point to tell us he was not a Black Belt. He looks us in the eyes, hands on [...]

Small Business Saturday A Smash Hit, Marketing Idea To Keep Momentum Going!

THANK YOU READERS! YOU DID IT! You helped make Small Business Saturday a SMASH HIT for small business.   USA TODAY reports that “Small Business Saturday is a big hit”! They report that it went viral. I LOVE that they had a great day and [...]

Consider The Source

Criticism. Most people hate it. But, astute people thrive on it. How else would they grow? The best thing you can do when people criticize something you’ve done or said is consider the source. Are they an objective reviewer? Are they being [...]

Lonely? Get Connected

Loneliness is a state of mind that occurs when a person feels emotionally disconnected. Contributing factors are physical isolation (like-minded people aren’t nearby), low self-esteem and shyness (which keeps you from reaching out and accepting [...]

Is Your Child a Shut-Down Learner?

Matthew age 15,  comes into my office with his mother. Right from the start it was clear that Matthew had not read Dale Carnegie’s “How to Win Friends & Influence People.”  Matt was clearly shut down and sullen.   The last place [...]

Ghost Busting and Space Clearing

Tis’ the season! It is believed that the fall months are the time of the year when the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest and that the energy of the spirit realm is heightened. Therefore, this time of the year is a good time [...]

Making Halloween the Perfect Addition to An Introverts Holiday List

A holiday for Introverts. Costumes, decorations and trick-or-treating door to door are all just around the corner. So, what are you going to be for Halloween? Egads. As an introvert, an INTJ at that, I’m calculating the different ways [...]

Get Your Fright On When You Can!

My favorite holiday. As I sit here, sipping my pumpkin spice coffee and looking out at what we Floridians consider Fall, I am reminded that one of my all time favorite holidays is swiftly approaching – Halloween. Ever since I was a little [...]

Are You Being Haunted By Yourself?

The Christmas Carol is the fictional story of miserly old Ebenezer Scrooge. He was haunted by the ghosts of his Christmas past, present, and future. They reminded him of who he was and where his path was leading to give him a second chance at [...]

Are Stressed-Out Women Overeating Due to Poor Stock Market Performance?

The recent stock market gyrations may be sending women to the fridge to cope with their stress. As they grieve the loss of their income, they react physically, emotionally, cognitively, behaviorally, and spiritually.  Some of the reactions [...]

The “Curriculum Ship:” It Has to Get to the Other Side!!!

I met with a kid today who is going to be soon falling off the Curriculum Ship. This Ship leaves port every September with one apparent mission – to get to the other side. The captain will keep the crew focused.  “We can’t stop the Curriculum [...]

Book Review: I See Your Soul Mate: An Intuitive’s Guide to Finding and Keeping Love by Sue Frederick

“What’s your number?” Next time someone asks you that, it may not be your phone number they’re after.  Just the date you were born. Oh, it works for you, too.  If you want a hot new romance – or a searingly fabulous old one – just [...]

The Accidental Advocate

What motivates people? Why do some people have everything under control and are engaged in life while others seem to just flounder?  Is it genetics, environment or our experiences?  Motivation comes from our emotions.  Those deep feelings [...]

Our Histories, Our Bodies

Body—mind—spirit, where does one stop and the other begin? Within our own minds we decide how intimately the two are connected. We each have our own perspective on just how self-aware we want or need to be. Our histories have created for [...]

What Lies Beneath ~ Finding Your Inner Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha Sighting In 1957 the Thai government was moving a large clay Buddha with a crane when suddenly the clay started to crack. The workers covered up the Buddha as it was starting to rain. When they came back that night to check that [...]

Drama Exit Stage Left

Whew!  I’m glad that you could make it today. I had a rough week last week.  My neighbors were outside drinking and being obnoxious and extremely rude.  I peaked my head out of the door to see what all the commotion was about and then my [...]

The Fire Within

Hello all! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Sometimes I just get so fired up about a topic it simply cannot wait till the weekend, I just have to write it now. This is why I love writing so much because no one has to motivate [...]

Choosing An Acting Teacher or Coach

I get calls every week asking if I can recommend an acting teacher or coach. While I don’t recommended one over another, I do have some tips to help you make YOUR OWN decision. The first suggestion I have is to make sure you can audit the [...]

What If The Life You Really Want Were Possible?

Dreaming of meeting the love of your life, having financial security, or traveling the world, yet feeling it is impossible? Well then, welcome to a wonderful group called humanity! You see, within each of us are secret desires of our heart. [...]

Kindergarten Mom: Help, My Child is Shutting Down

Anxiety over your child’s school-based problems can start very early. A mom recently contacted me after reading The Shut-Down Learner. “My son is drowning in school.  Do you think he could be a shut-down learner?” After asking a few more [...]

Don’t Worry. Be Happy

Remember that song “Don’t Worry. Be Happy”? I used to really hate it. I thought it was the worst song in the world. It was silly, simple, and not very creative. Still, I couldn’t help but notice that it was just catchy [...]

Here We Go Again For The Last Time…

Diet. Lose Weight. Life. Gain Weight. SHAME. Repeat. Sounds so familiar. A story lots of women know. Men too. Weight struggles don’t discriminate. So here I go again. On my own. Walking down the only road I’ve ever known. But this time [...]

Four Times to Disobey the Reciprocity Rule

The Reciprocity Rule The Reciprocity Rule is a common societal norm that supposes that when you receive something, you return something of equal value. This can be material or emotional. This generally works to everyone’s advantage. When [...]

2013 Resolutions From Across The Nation (It’s Time To Mix Business With Pleasure)

It’s offically that time of year again, when we look to the future and dream our dreams . . . JenningsWire queried authors and experts across the USA to discover what it is they are resolving to do this year.   It seems the overwhelming [...]