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What If The Life You Really Want Were Possible?

Dreaming of meeting the love of your life, having financial security, or traveling the world, yet feeling it is impossible?

Well then, welcome to a wonderful group called humanity!

You see, within each of us are secret desires of our heart. We may not speak of them to anyone but we know they are there. For when we think of them coming to pass, those thoughts bring great excitement and joy. However, when these wishes remain unmet for an extended period of time, unfortunately, the thought of them often becomes a source of sadness, regret, frustration, and even anger.

So how can something you want so badly, that gives you joy to think about, end up causing you such discomfort and pain?

Simply, because you are not allowing your desires to become a reality.

Yes, you!

For when you believe something is impossible, it becomes so!

When the “reality” you are currently experiencing is in complete contrast to what you desire, it can seem absolutely unfeasible. As a human, who collectively tend to look at things primarily as they are right now and declare it so, this only makes getting to where you want to be a more challenging prospect.

However, there is great news and that is…when you believe something is possible, it is!

To begin, there must be at least a small part of you that is willing to believe what you desire can happen. The key word here is willing. All you need is a small willingness to change your thinking. When you let go of the thoughts that say “it cannot be” and open yourself up to the thoughts of “maybe it can,” you are allowing a shift to occur within yourself that opens doors to your desires.

I learned of a wonderful tool from Jerry and Ester Hicks called the “what if” game. When you think about things you desire and you feel badly about not having them, you can shift that blocking dynamic by putting “what if” in the front of the thought.

For example, instead of thinking, “It is too late! I will never have another baby!” you shift that to, “What if it is not too late and I can have another baby?” Or perhaps, “I am in so much debt, I will never get out” shifts to “What if there is a way to get out from underneath this debt? By using the “what if” game it softens and lessens the resistance and transitions you into the path of what I like to call “possibility thoughts.”

Finally, there must be consistency. Whenever we are changing something in our thoughts, which ultimately changes our mood, attitude, and life, we must have consistency over time. Each time a negative thought and then feeling is experienced from the current state of not having what you desire, turn towards your belief that it can and completely focus your thinking on “possibility thoughts” instead.

Each time you take these steps, you are literally changing the course of your life experience from just desiring it, to allowing it becoming your new reality!


By Bree Maresca-Kramer. Bree is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.