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Toni Cusumano


A native New Yorker, Toni Cusumano is an independent casting director based on the East Coast who specializes in independent film and television.

Toni works with Indie filmmakers on both coasts to bring their visions to life. Some of her projects include the cult classic Wet Hot American Summer, Rounding First, Searching For Bobby D, Children of God, and Windjammers. She casted the film, Out of the Fog, which she also served as associate producer. Cable shows include, Jon Benjamin Has A Van (Comedy Central), A & E Biography, Combat Jump (History Channel), and Paid Programming (Adult Swim).

Upcoming projects, which she is both producing and casting with her partner Lou Hemsey, include the feature films, A Matter of Honor, Madame President, The Godmothers, Power, and Charm School. Toni has worked with directors and producers David Wain, Jon Benjamin, David Cross, Sammy Jackson, and Kierem Mortimer.

Toni also works as a production consultant to indie filmmakers and volunteers her time to the Pocono Film Office. She is the former editor of the Northeast Film Alliance Newsletter, a member of the Mid Atlantic Academy of Arts and Sciences and the IFP New York.

Toni Cusumano has also contributed articles to Showfax POV, been interviewed on her casting views with reporters for Star Magazine, Fox News, ABC.com and is a partner in the HEntertainment Company.

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