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Ava Wick


Ava Wick is twenty three years old and lives in Houston, TX. She is a budding Life Coach/Mentor, a mentor with The Big Brothers Big Sisters organization and is a Communications Major at The University of Houston. She is also obtaining her life coach certification.

She is a DOWN to earth person with OUT of this world dreams.

Her choice in becoming a Life Coach is because she loves to help people. She views individuals with a tool box in front of them; they could fix anything in the world with the tools they possess. The problem is they don't know how to open the tool box and perhaps lost the owner’s manual on how each tool works.

Her blog, Ava’s Moment, is the platform for her weekly messages that she wants to share with the others and offer a practical way to have inspiration infuse their lives.

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Posts by Ava Wick:

  • Be You, Or Who Will?

  • November 11th, 2013
    Who has ever gone down their News Feed and thought, “Wow, look at that person’s life. Looks like they really have it together.” That probably isn’t the case. While people can have good lives and [...]

  • How Free Are You?

  • March 26th, 2013
    Are you living your life or the life someone else thinks you should live? This is an important question to ask yourself because believe it or not if you aren’t aware of this problem, it could happen to you! In [...]

  • Are You Lost?

  • January 30th, 2013
    Hello everyone! I hope everyone is wonderful weekend and is prepared for the week ahead. Sometimes it can be tough to get into the new week because we may be stressed, unhappy or overwhelmed from the prior week. Trust [...]

  • What Are YOU Magnifying?

  • January 21st, 2013
    Hello all! It is officially the New Year now and some exciting things are on the horizon for us all. I see opportunities, prosperity and abundance headed straight our way in 2013. Some of you may be disagreeing right [...]

  • New Year, New You, New Life And A New Way To Figure Out How To Get It

  • December 30th, 2012
    Hello all! Well since the world did not end, looks like we are moving on into the New Year! I don’t know about you but I feel deep down that this is going to be an incredible and life changing year. Not just for [...]

  • 5 Ways To Put Your Best YOU Forward!

  • December 27th, 2012
    Putting your best self forward Christmas is right around the corner and I know how hectic the holiday’s can be with buying presents, family coming in and everyday life! This time can be even MORE stressful if [...]

  • The Obstacles of Life

  • November 5th, 2012
    Hello everyone! I hope you all had an inspiring week and are ready to get ready for the week to come! The other day I was thinking about what I wanted to write for this week’s blog. I began to think about how hard [...]

  • The Fire Within

  • October 18th, 2012
    Hello all! Hope everyone is having a great start to the week! Sometimes I just get so fired up about a topic it simply cannot wait till the weekend, I just have to write it now. This is why I love writing so much because [...]