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Annie Jennings of the National PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR, is a highly respected and accomplished National Publicist who believes that everyone should have the chance at getting their brass ring and views it as her job to make sure they do!

Annie's publicity firm, Annie Jennings PR, provides media bookings on radio talk shows, tv talk shows in any city, select national TV shows, online and in print for authors, experts and speakers. Annie is famous for her guaranteed deliverable radio campaigns where clients are only booked on high-impact, high-listenership top radio shows in the best markets in the country. Guaranteed. Annie personally guarantees each radio campaign. You get what you pay for or Annie is not keeping your money. Clients LOVE this about Annie!

You know what else Annie's clients love about her radio campaigns? She offers free UNLIMITED media training so you can learn great guest skills. Media training is conducted by the Annie's News Desk Director, Jason, who is an award-winning former news producer and guest booker for a major network affiliated radio station (perfect!). Clients LOVE Jason too!

Here is what one client recently told Annie: “I’ve bounced around from publicist to publicist. I’ve spent tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars and have just gotten excuses. And then I found you.” E. Sylvan, CEO.

Another radio client said this to our Radio Director, Stacy, "I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how... let's see... amazed, shocked, excited, and grateful I am to you. From the beginning, Annie, Jason, and you have been kind, genuine, and involved. What I didn't expect was the immediate response you got from your efforts to get me out there and heard. After hiring two other P.R. firms, and investing MORE money than I have paid you, only to get really no exposure at all, you can imagine how I felt from your phone call this morning.

First of all, how cute that you were so excited and teasing me with the news! That was what a friend does! I LOVE that! Second of all, WOW!!! This is the second week of the launch and look at you. I say look at you because my message is the same it's always been. Others have believed in it's value, but YOU are the only one who conveyed it PROPERLY and in a CAPTIVATING way so that other people attached with interest. I have goose bumps of thanks. I feel amazing hope now to get this out there and that is due to you. Really and truly, due to you. So thank you!" - Nancy Goodman, Author of It Was Food vs. Me...and I Won.

Speak with Annie about getting your own big city GUARANTEED DELIVERABLE radio talk show campaign at Radio Talk Show Campaigns. 

Annie Jennings PR offers Pay For Placement Publicity Programs and HOLLYWOOD SIZZLE Style Book Trailers and Videos

Annie Jennings is the creator and publisher of the new smash hit online lifestyle magazine, JenningsWire: The World of Success.

What does Annie think about her success? "What I love the most about our firm is that each person here THINKS LIKE AN OWNER creating the ultimate experience for our clients and they love that too!"

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