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Drama Exit Stage Left

Whew!  I’m glad that you could make it today.

I had a rough week last week.  My neighbors were outside drinking and being obnoxious and extremely rude.  I peaked my head out of the door to see what all the commotion was about and then my neighbor started screaming obscenities at me.  It started a week prior to that when a visitor  of my neighbor had knocked on my door and then proceeded to remove my “DO NOT DISTURB” sign off my door.

I immediately accused my neighbor of removing the sign. Let me back up a little further; my neighbor is 63 years old.  When I realized that he wasn’t the one who had taken the sign, I apologized but, he didn’t accept my apology.  The only reason why he didn’t accept it and it brought him to tears, is the fact that this man desires to be with me as in “being my man”. *shivers at the thought*

I have told him on several occasions, “No, you are not for me.”

He continues to hound me about giving him a chance because he sees that I am a good person and he needs a good woman in his life.  All he talks about is sex. Now, you all know as well as I do that relationships are difficult enough without having someone else saying they want to be with you. I‘m spending MORE time with a much higher power and not worrying about whether I have a man in my life right now.

Okay, so I had to get to that point of being at peace.  I’ve had a crush and I didn’t realize people my age could have crushes {lol}  So, when the opportunity arose, I asked my crush if he would like to have dinner? Twice to be exact. . .in his own little way, he turned me down by saying, “I’m out of town. . .thanks tho.”

Not everything works for everybody.

I put a vision on my wall listing the qualities of a man in which I’d like to have.  I read it and go on about my day.  Back to my neighbor. . .who keeps telling me that he feels he is the one for me. . .NOOOOOT!!!  So, he has gotten over his anger and doing his best to be nice to me but, he still brings up wanting to be with me.  Once again, I’ve told him that he is not for me, and went as far as telling him that I am talking to someone.  He doesn’t seem to care.  With anybody else that would get on someone’s nerves.

I don’t like having to be mean to someone.  My desire is to one day have a husband and a child.  In doing your best to start a relationship, time has to be given and not rushed into anything.  You also have to keep your eyes open and know if the person is genuine when they speak.  Sometimes even the sound of their voice, and the words coming our of their mouths can be deceiving.  I dealt with that for four years and didn’t realize that is was a game.

It does take time to get over being hurt.  You can love the person still but, love yourself more.  That’s the second relationship you should have.


Stacey Barlow is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.