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Ghost Busting and Space Clearing

Tis’ the season!

It is believed that the fall months are the time of the year when the veil between heaven and earth is the thinnest and that the energy of the spirit realm is heightened. Therefore, this time of the year is a good time to do ghost busting or space clearing to eliminate past energetic patterns or actual entity energy and begin anew.

Energy invasion!

Space clearing is sometimes needed to eliminate or resonate energetic life forms that have become attached to the energy fields of people, animals, land, and buildings. Sometimes, whole neighborhoods, villages, or countries can be affected by the invasion of this energy. Some entities may be spirits or ghosts of those who have died but have failed to pass over because of trauma or strife. Some are frightened, others may be angry, and some are just lost or confused.

Who ya gonna call, Ghost Busters!

Space clearing can also be used to shift energy created by a behavior and decisions made in this life or from a past life. Negative past experiences affect our beliefs and decisions, thus attracting more of these experiences to us like a magnet. Patterns, once created and accepted by the body, take on a life of their own. When we try to change these behaviors, this energy may become uncomfortable with the new energetic behavior pattern we are trying to create. This old energy begins to feel like a ghost of our past—haunting us, trying to pull us back into the old patterns. This stagnant lingering energy can affect our ability to move forward as quickly as we would like with a clear vision of the future. When this confusion occurs, the need for space clearing or ghost busting of the physical body and environment begins.

Feng shui for spirits!

Throughout the ages, the power of rituals has been a part of traditional Chinese feng shui, as well as of other cultures. Native Americans, Egyptians, Greeks, Chinese, Mayans, and many others have used the power of the clearing and cleansing rituals to get rid of perceived evil spirits and to balance the person or space with a renewal of energies.

Methods for space clearing!

There are several methods of space clearing that are quite effective, however, not an accurate science.  Clearing should be done in the yin of the afternoon or p.m. hours. The best time for the yin hour is from 9:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. Magic keepers of old did these rituals between 11:30 p.m. and 12:30 a.m.

The bag of tools you will need includes the following:

• A toning instrument, a drum, a hand chime, or a toning bowl • Anointing oil or a blend of orange and frankincense oils mixed with bottled water in a spray bottle* • Incense—either sage, lemongrass, sweet grass, frankincense, or another scent that is acceptable for clearing and refreshing the air* • Candles—one white and one black; small votive or mini candle *You may use either the oil or incense. Both are acceptable. Shower before beginning the space-clearing work to remove all energy of your day and to renew and cleanse the body.  Clear your energy field of all debris, negativity, and stress. Never space clear when you are ill or feeling tired. This will only serve to make you more fatigued.  Dress in something comfortable, loose fitting, and made of 100 percent natural fabrics that allow your body to breathe and work more intuitively and without restriction.


Before placing yourself within the energy of the person or space, meditate for at least fifteen minutes. Clear your mind, body, and spirit through breathing techniques. Ask your angels, protectors, teachers, and guardians to come with you to help in your work. You may ask for the Archangel Michael to protect and assist you. Ask for the proper intuition level to assist you in your task of clearing in accordance with the divine plan. Anoint yourself with frankincense oil or smudge yourself with sage to protect you from any unwanted energy or attachment. Repeat a prayer of your choice nine times. Or you may wish to repeat the traditional feng shui prayer—Ohm Ma Ne Pad Me Hum (nine times).

Attract the spirits with light.

To begin, light a black candle to dissolve all negativity and darkness within the home. Light the white candle so the spirits can find their way to the light. Light the incense, as the smoke is the direction to the heavens so the spirits can find their way. Begin at the front door—open the door. Open all curtains or blinds. Open the windows, especially if the home smells musty.

Work the room.

Journey through the home, spray or smudge the front door. Continue through the home in a clockwise direction. Spray, smudge, or anoint all win­dows as you go. Again, if the room seems stuffy, open the windows. This allows fresh air in and negative energy to exit. Leave them open as you circulate through the home. Ring the chime in each room and in the corners of neglect. After you have worked the room, stand at its center and make a figure eight infinity symbol to indicate the completeness of being in accordance with the divine purpose.

Let positive energy take over.

After you have gone through the home, including the basement, go back and close the windows. Now stabilize the energy with a positive force. Spray the frankincense/orange oils again throughout the home, or burn an incense of orange, lemongrass, or saffron. You want to replace the smell of the home with something indicative of pleasure and happiness . . . something euphoric. As you finish clearing the home, be sure to clear yourself and the home’s occupants with the frankincense spray or smudge. Go back to the altar, and blow out the candles. Say your prayer of thanks and a deep breath, clear your mind, and then excuse yourself from the home. Shower or bath, cleaning and clearing all entity residues off you. Wash all clothes. Meditate again, thanking the heavens for your wonderful life and profession. —May peace be with you.

By Mary Shurtleff, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.