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Here We Go Again For The Last Time…

Diet. Lose Weight. Life. Gain Weight. SHAME.


Sounds so familiar. A story lots of women know. Men too. Weight struggles don’t discriminate.

So here I go again. On my own. Walking down the only road I’ve ever known.

But this time I will not walk alone. This time I am putting myself out there to walk with you. Well, kinda sorta. I don’t know who “you” is. It could be nobody. It could be anybody. The thought of documenting ups and downs, emotions, challenges and breakthroughs is excitingly cathartic. I could be no one. I could be anyone. Millions deal with fat stuff daily. Maybe I’m just like you. Maybe I’m not. That’s why this blog is anonymous. Hopefully no matter who is reading, you can relate.

With apologies to Whitesnake, I’ve made up my mind. I ain’t wasting no more time…

Here I go again. For the last time…


“Mystery Meat” is a blogger for JenningsWire