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What Lies Beneath ~ Finding Your Inner Golden Buddha

Golden Buddha Sighting

In 1957 the Thai government was moving a large clay Buddha with a crane when suddenly the clay started to crack. The workers covered up the Buddha as it was starting to rain. When they came back that night to check that it was staying dry, a flicker reflected back to their flashlight and they knew something else was there, something much more reflective than clay. The next day as they began to pull the clay away, they found the golden Buddha

Their best theory about why the golden Buddha was covered in clay is that 300 years before, when the Burmese army was attacking Thailand, the monks covered up the Buddha with clay in order to make it appear as if it were worthless. It is likely that all the monks were killed and so the secret died with them. It was when the shift of the Buddha came, that the true value was discovered.

I got to see this golden Buddha in Thailand in 1965 and it is amazing to see, and more amazing that it could have stayed hidden under a thick layer of clay for so many decades, just waiting.

Is your Golden Buddha Hiding?

What is hidden within you that has been covered up by years or even decades of should have, shouldn’t have, if only, not enough, and all other regrets and negative feelings that are covering up your golden Core?

What shift has come to you? What will you find beneath the layers of ‘clay’ that you are uncovering now? The important part of the story is that the golden Buddha is always within, and it simply needs to be uncovered.

There are various ways to remove the clay and uncover your true self. You are always aware that there is another you, the authentic you that you tap into on those days when you are very relaxed, when you are on vacation, or silently watching your child sleep or play. Those are the moments when it suddenly comes to you that things in your life can shift and you can be different.

You may have your own way of letting go of the layers that cover up your golden self, such as coaching, counseling, meditation, running, singing (you’d be surprised what that does for your inner peace), swimming, laughing, yoga, prayer, rock climbing, and my choice, The One Command.

I don’t know how I embrace my golden inner self and set it free, I only know I do now, and I am fulfilled.

Whatever technique you choose in order to release the layers of clay in your life, make a commitment to yourself to use it regularly. Or mix several of them, take a break during the day to just ‘peace out’, read something just for fun, take a walk in the fresh air with no great purpose in mind – just to be. Meditate regularly, sing (it really helps you breathe better), find a great coach who helps you uncover your inner golden self. The key word here is commitment – it is a gift to yourself, just for you – and ironically it will also serve those around you.

Enjoy releasing the old and creating all the new beliefs and behaviors and joy in your life.

Congratulations – you have found what lies beneath, and it is golden!


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