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They Call Annie The Fixer … The PR Fixer

Was your publicity campaign a total flop?

Did you go nowhere fast? And now, do you think it’s too late for your book?

What are you going to do next?

Call “The Fixer”.

The PR Fixer.  Annie Jennings PR.

“No campaign is ever lost,” says National Publicity Expert, Annie Jennings. “We have lots of fast action, sure-fire PR moves that can turn your flopped campaign in the wonderful experience you dreamed it could be!”

What’s the first thing Annie would do for you?

Get you booked on real, live, high-impact, high-listenership radio talk shows in big cities to blast out your message across the nation. Plus, you get unlimited and personalized media training sessions with a top radio guest media trainer who helps you create your great guest skills.

You are hand-pitched to the perfect radio shows for you and your topic.

The campaign offers a range of radio talk show interviews that include stations in the TOP 35 or TOP 50 Major Markets or the Nationally or Regionally Syndicated Shows and Networks ONLY.  It is important to note that the famous Annie Jennings PR campaign does NOT include radio bookings on the following types of shows.

You are not booked on this style show – guaranteed.

  • No college radio shows
  • No internet radio shows
  • No overnight radio shows
  • No low listenership radio shows
  • No shows in the middle of nowhere

You only get big radio shows in major cities.

Annie Jennings PR only books radio shows in the Top 35 or 50 cities that are considered major player shows in the market.  These shows have strong listenership and are high-ranking shows in their market.

All radio campaigns are a guaranteed deliverable.

That means that Annie Jennings PR guarantees the radio shows will be booked according to the contract provisions.

Plus you get plenty of perks including UNLIMITED FREE MEDIA TRAINING!

The famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign includes:

  • Professional media training – a one hour media training session kicks off your campaign
  • Media trainer conducts a practice interview just like you can expect on your real interviews
  • UNLIMITED ongoing media training support for the length of the radio campaign
  • Message creation and content strategy development
  • Advance headliner status booking strategy that gets you booked on the bigger shows
  • Access to the Annie Jennings PR 24/7 news division
  • Creation of socially relevant and cutting edge news hooks
  • Professional, highly skilled, media savvy radio bookers with mega experience

Get booked fast.

Get your high impact, high-listenership radio campaign only offered by Annie Jennings PR.

Let Annie know of your interest here.  Talk to you soon!

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