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Podcast: Get Booked On TV Shows In Any City

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Annie Jennings of the National Publicity Firm, Annie Jennings Publicity presents an action-packed podcast on the benefits of appearing on TV shows in your local city or in any market in the U.S..

Life-changing podcast!  Want to be a mega success in your career? Want to be #1 in your city in your area of expertise?

Nothing beats being on TV in your city.

You can be a guest on the morning show or an expert the TV station has on the air to comment on a breaking news story.

However you get on the show, the result will be life-changing for you!

Get Booked On TV Shows In Any City!

  • Does getting booked on TV help you land more clients?
  • How does appearing on TV increase your credibility and influence fast?
  • Does getting booked on TV create a competitive advantage? How?
  • How do authors and expert leverage their TV appearances into big opportunity?
  • How does appearing on TV help you get booked on the big national shows?

Annie Jennings is the creator of the online sensation, JenningsWire magazine and the creator of the famous pay for play TV booking campaign. Want to get on TV without spending a ton of money?  Annie books TV without asking you for a monthly retainer so she can “try” to get you booked. Annie gets you booked under her amazing pay for placement publicity programs. Want to tell Annie you want to be on TV too?

Just fill out this form to schedule a personal conversation with Annie Jennings http://www.anniejenningspr.com/TVshow.htm

This podcast is presented by the National PR Firm, Annie Jennings PR.  Annie is the Creator of JenningsWire, an online magazine that features a diverse community of talented bloggers.

Please enjoy more posts on JenningsWire.com and discover the bloggers that might be perfect for you!

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Annie Jennings PR is a #1 publicity firm offering book marketing, book promotion, branding and author, expert and speaker PR services. This PR firm specializes in getting clients booked on the major radio talk shows, prestigious TV shows, influential online and print media. Annie offers the guaranteed deliverable radio talk show campaign that comes with a guarantee of performance, unlimited media training by an award-winning professional and bookings on the major radio shows in the big media markets as well as the nationally syndicated shows. Annie’s publicity team offers TV, print and online via their pay for performance publicity model where clients only pay for secured media opportunities. There are no monthly retainers making this campaign a favorite of the mega expert you see in the media on a daily basis.