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How To Make Money From Your Book

There is one question authors ask me every day.

“How do I make money with my book”?

Annie Jennings PR has identified the key areas where authors can get substantial return on their investment of time, passion and money.

And presents the real story testimonials from real authors and experts to prove it.

Want to be able to say this? “I appeared on lots of top quality name-brand media and national TV shows too. I garnered the recognition and respect of my industry. Now I am able to get the attention of new clients with clout and influence. I walk in the door. They know who I am. I spent a fraction of what the person spent below and now, I am rolling in success (and of course, income)”.

Vs. this? “I spent $5,000 per month and got nothing good for my money. I am not better off than I was yet 6 months has passed. And I lost $30,000. Arrggghhhh!!!”

Which story would you rather tell?


Find out how JP Hansen’s career skyrocketed (big book deal with major publisher) after his radio talk show interview campaign. Click here.

Frederick Birkett says he landed a substantial distribution deal for his book and new lucrative opportunities. Click here.

Listen to real authors and experts tell their amazing real life publicity success stories working with Annie Jennings PR. You’ll find lots of real stories by clicking here.

•  Weight Loss Author, “Dr. A”, shares the story of his hunt for a publicity firm, why he chose Annie Jennings PR and his inside scoop on his amazingly fast rise to success.

•  Health and Wellness Expert, Peggy, gets her own national TV show host segment. Listen to Peggy tell her real story on this inspirational recording.

•  Retirement Planner &  Author, Julia, offers an up close & personal view of her experience with Annie Jennings PR & shares her tips for big success using a radio campaign.

•  Money Expert, Ornella, tells everything about working with Annie – you won’t believe what she has to say (inside scoop!)

•  Health Advocate and Nurse, Lynn Parker, tells her radio talk show campaign success story. Find out how the famous Annie Jennings PR radio campaign changed her life.

•  Find out how Attorney and Apology Expert, Lauren, got booked fast on big TV media and appeared on The Today Show.

•  Listen to what happened to Business Consultant, Andrea. Before she signed up with Annie, Andrea tells how she wasted 45,000 with another company on retainer based PR & got only 3 media placements in 9 months. But what happened once she started with Annie? She landed 3 big name media placements in just one month for a fraction of what she paid/lost in retainers.

•  Branding Expert, Ryan, reveals his strategy on how he leveraged his national TV appearances, radio talk shows & other media into his marketing to create his huge competitive edge.

•  The “yes” story: Find out how Bill is living his dream after working with Annie Jennings PR. Find out what happened after this expert said yes to working with Annie and went on to become one of his industry’s prestigious thought leaders.

•  The “no” story: Find out what happened after Kevin said no to his media opportunity. Hint: five years later and thousands of dollars spent on trying to get his own publicity, he admits lost in the end and he wants you to learn from his mistake. Hear his story and insights.

•  Women’s Leadership Author, Penny, shares the publicity secrets learned from her experience with Annie Jennings PR along with her successful radio campaign & TV bookings media experience.

•  Leadership Expert, Todd, creates the ultimate competitive advantage for himself using Annie’s strategies plus find out what he liked best about working with Annie Jennings PR.

•  Medical Doctor, James, presents his experience with the famous Annie Jennings PR top 35 markets radio publicity talk show campaign. Find out what’s it like to be a guest on the country’s top radio shows.

•  Fashion Expert, Stephany Greene gets up close and personal and tells what it is like to work with Annie Jennings PR.

•  Ethics Speaker, Vince, tells his story of his success with Annie’s famous Ladder Strategy designed to help authors and experts reach their optimal success fast without wasting time or money. Find out how he leveraged his publicity bookings into more speaking events & big fees.

•  College Finance Author, Reecy, turns Annie’s radio campaign into over $100,000 in new business. Reecy tells the story of how he did it.

•  Citizen’s Advocate, Stephanie, lands her own regular expert spot on her big city local TV station by working with Annie.

Listen to these real life author and expert publicity success stories here.

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