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Sneak Peek Into A Successful Business Pro’s 2014 Business Strategy

What’s your business plan for 2014?

Here’s a great story that might encourage you to get one.

About one year ago a new client came to Annie Jennings PR with a dream. He wanted to be the regular finance expert for an influential and highly respected news outlet. But the problem he faced was how to get there.

He had no previous TV or media experience as a financial analyst and had no idea what his first step should. He just knew this.

He wanted in!

So he did what any self-respecting, serious and ready to be at the top of his industry business professional would do.

He contacted Annie Jennings PR and signed up for Annie’s famous pay for placement publicity program where he would only pay for secured media bookings. Not only would his dreams come true for him, but he would not waste a dime chasing his dream. He knew that Annie’s PR team had access to the biggest of the big and he wanted on.

He followed their experienced and expert guidance, advice and strategy.

And now look. Only one year later he is a regular expert on a BIG NATIONAL BUSINESS SHOW!

Now he writes:

“I am thrilled to have met your firm this year. My business growth has been incredible. Thank you so much for getting me booked on the big financial TV shows!  Here’s what I want for 2014. Book me on about a dozen TV shows (maybe more) and I want some print this year like Forbes, NY Times. You know the ‘biggies’. 

The more they see you on TV, the more they want to hire you.

If you want what this expert got, be sure to connect with Annie to let her know of your interest using this link:


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