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Sell More Pumpkins! Use Amazing Videos, Trailers & Online Commercials For Success

Did you know that videos, book trailers and online commercials can help you be a smash hit success?

Whether you sell pumpkins, candy or branding services, your product is in demand!

Except, you may not know it


You may not be reaching your ideal client.

Too many businesses are failing because they are not marketing to their choir, that is, the natural audience for their product or service that IF THEY KNEW about it, they would be interested.

Your clients and customers have shifted the way they access information.   Your marketing strategy must shift also to meet your market.

Your market absolutely needs to “discover” you via your online presence or notice that their friends and business associates seem to know, love and trust you.

They need to get that “certainty feeling” that they have found the ONE book, business or product that can help them.

Videos, book trailers and online commercials for your business, your book and for yourself help the audience decide real fast if you are the one for them.

A video created by the masterful creative team at Annie Jennings PR can capture the essence of your message, and  at the same time be fun to watch and influence prospective clients that working with you is the right choice.

Creating the right video is important as your video is a reflection of you, your book or you business. What if your video is boring, bland or looks homemade? Would that be impressive to your target market or will the start to watch your video and then just click away as you have lost their attention?  That’s right, if your video fails to capture your viewer’s attention you could be on the road to nowhere.  A great video is powerful for your marketing and promotion and a poorly designed and developed video is equally as powerful, but in the opposite direction.

The idea behind videos, book trailers and online commercials is to empower your brand, impress your viewers and influence a decision to find out more about you, your products, books and/or services.

Should your video, online commercial or book trailer look like it came straight from Hollywood?  Yes!

Should your video be high quality, fast-paced with all of the bells and whistles so that it looks like it actually could be on a major national TV network as a real commercial ?  Yes!

Should your online commercial be created by Annie’s amazing team that works with precision and skill to create a #1 high-powered, action-packed promotional video for you?

Go ahead, impress your new clients, today!

WATCH A PREVIEW for book trailers and see the demo video for online commercials right on the home page.  It’s got lots of bells & whistles so you can get a taste of what is possible for your video.

SEE REAL CLIENT VIDEO RIGHT NOW:  Go ahead and take a look. You can  SEE a real client book trailer video right now!


By Annie Jennings, a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.