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How To Propose On Christmas Eve . . .

How To Propose On Christmas Eve!

What are some great ways to propose on Christmas Eve?

Should it be romantic, fun, or adventurous?

JenningsWire asked relationship experts to share their ideas on how to make your marriage proposal special this christmas eve.

Do women secretly hope their boyfriend will propose during the holidays?

“YES!  According to Relationship Expert and Coach, Bree Maresca-Kramer M.A. of ItsThatSimple.ws, “women in a serious relationship often secretly hope their boyfriend will pop the question during the holidays. They giddily talk about it with their friends and hold their breath in anticipation as the holidays approach”.  What better way to further enhance your love’s joy of Christmas than surprising her with romance and your declaration of love and commitment to her?

Bree shares her tips on how to propose on Christmas Eve:

  • For classic old fashion romance with a modern twist take her on a Christmas Eve horse drawn sleigh ride under the stars.  Have a soft cozy blanket waiting for the two of you to snuggle under while you enjoy the ride. Pre-arrange with the driver to have the champagne and roses safely tucked away with him.   Halfway through the ride slip out the ring and pop the question!   After she says “yes!” celebrate with the bubbly and give her the roses. She will be thrilled by all of your thoughtful romance!
  • If the weather will include snow then make your Christmas Eve proposal extra special.  Go to any home improvement or garden shop and buy bag of small rocks. Find a beautiful spot in nature blanketed in snow and arrange the rocks to spell out “Will You Marry Me?”  Have her meet you there by telling her there is something she really needs to see immediately. Have the ring ready as she walks up and sees you and your proposal waiting for her!  She will be so surprised and taken by your nature-inspired creativity she will be sure to say yes!
  • Make your Christmas Eve proposal something she will never forget.  You can do this by having a Christmas ornament custom made just for the occasion. Put both of your names, the date, and the question “Will you marry me?” on it.  Wrap it in a large box to make sure she will not expect an ornament or a proposal! Tell her you want her to open one gift on Christmas Eve. As she un-wraps the gift and reads the ornament you pull out the ring and surprise her.  After her “yes” you both can relive the moment every year when you hang the ornament on your tree!  

Note from Bree:  Here’s how to get your “will you marry me” Christmas Tree ornament.   Go to an ornament kiosk in the mall or a Christmas specialty store and have it personalized the way they want it…and it is inexpensive too!

Bree Maresca-Kramer, M.A. is the author of the two books, “It’s That Simple: A Man’s Book on Relationships, Life, Ourselves” and “It’s That Simple: A Woman’s Book on Relationships, Life, Ourselves”.

Turn the expected into the unexpected

Harvard Psychologist and Relationship Expert, Dr. Holly Parker says to  turn the expected into the unexpected. Christmas carolers often walk through neighborhoods and sing to people. This is expected. Christmas carolers who suddenly sing the proposal after a Christmas song?  Definitely not expected. This is a way to insert an element of surprise, and is highly creative”.

How you propose varies greatly on who you want to marry.

Dating and Relationship Expert, Jason Weberman, CPCC of NorthStarCoaching.com, offers the following tips split into two categories: Introverts and Extroverts

Introverts Proposal Tip: Introverts crave privacy. They will want to be proposed to in a setting that is private where there are no other people around except for the couple.

  • Tea Lights Proposal: Set up a line of tea lights that lead from the front door to a bedroom or some other spacious room in your house. When your bride to be walks in she will follow the lit candles to the room where you will be waiting. You will have a circle of lights surrounding you as you kneel on one leg with a box containing a wedding ring.

Extroverts Proposal Tip: Extroverts love to be surrounded by lots of people and crave attention. They will want to share the proposal with all of their friends and family.

  • Surprise Engagement Party: Tell your bride to be that you will be taking them out for a beautiful holiday dinner. After being sat down at the restaurant, have the brides friends and family appear one at a time. Each person will drop a flower and/or a picture of the couple on the table. After a few friends/family members have given you some flowers and memories, have the rest of the family/friends surround the table. Then get on one knee and propose to your wife to be. After she balls with happiness, kick off the party and have a wild fantastic celebration.

P.S.  If any of the above happens to you, be sure to come back and tell us all about it in the comments sections below!   All heart, Annie

By Annie Jennings creator of the JenningsWire: The World Of Success.


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