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Go Ahead, Be Amazing On Talk Radio

Go ahead, share your message with the world.

Yes, but how to you get ‘out there’ with the world listening in?

That’s what talk radio shows are all about. They have tens of thousands of listeners (some lots more) just hanging on to your every word.

Radio talk shows do the weather, traffic, news, commercials and guest interviews.

Radio shows love to book guests interviews to diversify the show and keep their listeners’ focus and attention.

Radio is fast-paced, driven, exciting and allows you to share your message to people who may never have crossed your path.

And it’s easy.  The show calls you on the telephone and you have a conversation with the host with thousands+ listening in their cars, at home, in stores, at the dentist, at the office . . .

You can access major cities with mega populations across the USA without ever leaving your home.

Being a guest on radio talk shows identifies you as a socially influential person, whose voice is sought after and appreciated.

Here’s how it works.  The show decides they would like to book an interview with you.   Next thing you know, you are LIVE before thousands of people, on the radio sharing your message.

Do you need a book?  NO!

If you have a one, can you promote your book?  Yes!

Can you promote your business?  Yes!

Have you ever tuned into talk radio?  It’s good.  It’s fun.  You get to follow a conversation.  You get to listen in.   You get hooked.  It’s sort of like Facebook, but with the people talking out loud.

And have you noticed that you start to “LIKE” the guest?   Sometimes so much that you can’t get out of the car until the interview is over?

With so many “things” competing for everyone’s attention  people have to have filters.  One filter people use for determining their next “buy” is how well do they know, love and trust the person or company.   What have they heard of their reputation? What have their friends heard?

Talk radio lets you get up close and personal with real people.   This creates a  personal connection for you with them.

Personal connection drives BUZZ, word of mouth and sales.   It guides your market’s next steps.

It lets them “LIKE” you in the real world.

And LIKES in the real world, are worth a ton of  . . . . well, whatever it is you are looking for!


Annie Jennings is the creator of JenningsWire.