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The Secret To Annie’s Famous High Powered Radio Talk Show Campaign Is This . . .

Secret Radio Talk Show SuccessAt Annie Jennings PR, our mission is stated in five simple words.

And it is in this spirit we work hard and smart for our clients every day.

For The Betterment Of All.

That’s right. Each day we seek the most meaningful, most influential and most empowering media placements for our clients for the betterment of all.

It’s not that the small ones are not good, it’s just that to be true to our mission statement every day we go after BIG.

Yep. Big media. We love it.

For the betterment of all, you have to be able to share your message with as many people as possible because this is what  it takes to makes change happen. You, out there in the world, making a difference.

And to make sure you get your chance to live your dreams in motion, we book you on the major radio talk shows that broadcast to the heart of the biggest markets in the nation. We guarantee it (for real, you’ll see all of our promises in our radio contract).

Authors have been known to ask us how we can do that.

“How can you guarantee bookings on the big radio talk shows in the big city markets when nobody else is willing to guarantee any kind of performance?” they ask.

Annie always answers “because we can.”

Many years ago, Annie and her PR team decided to be the #1 publicity team booking authors on radio talk shows.

With radio talk show publicity packages for every price level, you’ll find a plan just perfect for you. Talk with Annie about what can work for you here.

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