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Real Publicity Story: J.P. Tells How Annie Jennings PR Took Him To The Top

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The Annie Jennings PR Real Story Success Series showcases real author and client success in leveraging Annie’s media bookings as door openers into  huge new opportunities with mega money making potential.

In this podcast, Annie Jennings PR’s Radio Director Stacy Amaral Kauffman is joined by Annie Jennings to interview real author client J.P. Hansen.

J.P. is an international award-winning, bestselling author of three books, a professional speaker, life coach, and CEO of an executive search company. His book “The Bliss List” has won four awards and was just featured in Reader’s Digest magazine (June 2013).

J.P. has appeared as a “career expert,” reaching over 50,000,000 people on Fox News, CBS, ABC and NBC TV, radio shows across the country and in the L.A. Times, Fortune, AOL, CareerBuilder, CNN.com, and FoxBusiness.com.

Authors dream of success and J.P. achieved mega success in his career using publicity. How did he do it? J.P. tells all!

Real Publicity Story: J.P. Tells How Annie Jennings PR Took Him To The Top

  • How does an author start with a dream of success and then make it come true?
  • Why were you willing to invest in yourself and just go for it?
  • Do authors sometimes fear appearing on radio and TV shows?
  • What is fake PR vs real PR and why does knowing  the difference impact success?
  • What else stands in the way of author success and how can they overcome it?

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