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Don’t Be Like A Rotting Pumpkin, Instead Jumpstart Your Success!

Think about your Halloween pumpkin.  When you were on the hunt you instinctively sought out the  perfect pumpkin.   And for a while, it was perfect.  All lit up, brilliant and fabulous for Halloween.  But then suddenly it no longer looked that good to you.  It seemed, well, like it got old.

This is the #1 mistake experts and businesses are making right now.

They might look to their customers or clients a lot like that pumpkin that’s way past its prime.

Why is this happening so fast?  Factors outside of their control, such as the emergence of social media opening up the playing field and lots of pop-up businesses hitting the scene that target the same clients as you, offering your market more access to other choices,  have created a hyper-competitive business environment where what seemed to be the perfect business strategy yesterday could be outdated today.

The current business environment is truly a test of the smartest, fastest and most able to adapt.

Fun for the alphas in the pack, right?

But not so much fun for those that have to compete with them.

Well then, how about a plan?

First thing, jumpstart your social relevancy.  Make YOU matter.

And fast.

So, as far as formulas go, what is the first thing you need to do?

Create messaging that resonates with society today but is also a match for your expertise.

And this is where the challenge comes in, many speakers and businesses don’t know WHY they are socially relevant, why they are important, and why their voice is spot on for today’s society.

But  you can find out.

Getting booked as a guest on radio talk show interviews is the fastest way to find your voice.


For one, the radio talk shows won’t book you unless you have a socially relevant conversation to share with their audience.  So before you even get started you are forced to discover why your voice matters.

But is this a Catch 22?  Where you can’t get booked on the show  unless you are relevant and you can’t find out what your relevant conversation is until  you get booked?

Here’s where a PR firm that specializes in discovering, crafting and presenting your socially relevant voice to the media comes in handy.

PR firms that book with the media everyday know where the pulse of society lies.  They can quickly see through any cobwebs you may have to update your contribution to fit the society we live in today while staying true to your voice.

It’s hard for you to do this for yourself.  But it’s easy for a professional publicity team to do this for you because it’s the only way to get bookings for clients.

The media won’t book you just because you think they should.

The media will book you, if and only if, you prove to them that you are one of their best choices for the topic at hand.

And yes, going after media bookings positions you up against lots of others all wanting the same thing, creating yet another competitive environment for you.

Does it ever end?  The intensity of the competition?  Perhaps not.

And this is where you need an alpha publicity firm on your team.

It’s a good thing that Annie Jennings PR plays at the alpha level.

Annie Jennings PR knows why you are good, even if you don’t at the beginning.  You will learn about yourself, your messaging and why your voice matters by working with our team and you will learn nice and fast too.

Find out more about how to get booked on one of our famous radio talk show publicity campaigns that comes with a performance guarantee and unlimited media training, not to mention the talented 24/7 news team that creates your social relevancy for you.

Go Ahead.  Be Fabulous.  Make Your Voice Matter!

All heart, Annie