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Podcast Opportunity On JenningsWire, HUGE Worldwide Exposure FAST!

Be A JenningsWire Podcaster - Global ExposureAnnie’s successful online magazine, JenningsWire.com showcases authors and experts in the JenningsWire Podcast Series*.

Hundreds of podcasters have enjoyed professional, promotional interviews with one of the top interviewers in the country who does an amazing job for you. You will sound terrific and get a marketable asset you can use on your social media, website, media page and more.


About the JenningsWire podcast:

It’s short. Only about 5-6 minutes.

It’s professionally edited. You get a broadcast quality podcast interview you will be proud to share with all of your social media and post on your site.

It’s promotional and pure power.  Podcast is designed to showcase your best advice and insight throughout the podcast and the wraps up includes all of your promotional info including your website, book, services and more!

It’s worldwide. All of the JenningsWire podcasters and bloggers agree not only to share their own post, but to share the podcasts and posts of others they find meaningful to them. The result? Outstanding social media exposure and lots of new visitors to JenningsWire eager to discover your voice.

It helps you stand out, build credibility and clout. Are you having trouble standing out in a sea of competitors? On the internet everyone can look the same. But you are different. It’s time to stand out with your podcast on JenningsWire. Our clients report outstanding results such as new business, book deals, big speaking events, keynote presentations, distribution deals and lots more.

Annie Jennings PR is known thoughout the industry as a high quality name brand publicity leader. Anyone associated with Annie is ahead of the game and taken very seriously by not only the media but with clients as well.

It’s free. It may not always be free but right now you can jump on board with our complements.

Tell Annie. Tell Annie using the link below that you want to be a guest on the JenningsWire podcast series. But first, be sure to note this testimonial about JenningsWire from one of the most distinguished and accomplished personality in the media industry:

Media icon says this. JenningsWire has grabbed the attention of the industry as well as from the news industry icon, Al Primo, who says this about Annie’s JenningsWire:

“Brilliant, Breakthrough, Outstanding Contribution . . . Bloggers on Virtually Every Topic!”
– Al Primo, Recognized Worldwide as the Creator of the Eyewitness News Concept

Go get! Podcast guest signup form: http://jenningswire.com/podcast-signup/

Be sure to let national publicist, Annie Jennings of the PR Firm Annie Jennings PR know of your interest using the link above and join the wonderful community of JenningsWire.com.

We look forward to our great success working together on the podcast. Once you fill out the form, if we have interest, we will connect with you ASAP. Please allow about one week or so for us to be in touch.

*Please note that both guests and topics are subject to approval. Limited number of podcast spots available.


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