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What Sports Taught Me about My Business Plan and Yearly Goals

You’ve probably read plenty of headlines hawking that you need to plan your year wisely with success in mind. You’re told to make new resolutions that fix challenges, and you’ve heard the pumped up messages intended to inspire change [...]

“Owed” to Springtime

In 1842 Alfred Lord Tennyson wrote a lengthy poem celebrating young love, and yet only one line has remained vastly known: “In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.” I would say that many of us agree, but [...]

Do Not Ignore Your Mental Health Issues And Addictions

From my own experience. As a person who has dealt with fear, anxiety, and stress for over 20 years, the number one thing I learned was to not take my mental health issues for granted and to get help. When I first started dealing with my fear [...]

Artist: Once Upon A Time

There’s a fairy tale we tell ourselves about our artistic and creative pursuits. We say, “I’m an artist.”  Then boldly forget to back that statement up with real, consistent and meaningful art work. Are you really an artist if you don’t [...]
Happiness Is Not Events – It’s A Lifestyle

Happiness Is Not Events – It’s A Lifestyle

“You may wake up unable to speak or swallow, “ the neurosurgeon cautioned me before surgery to remove a sizeable brain tumor that wrapped around my brain stem. Though I did not say anything, in my mind I remarked, “That is not going to [...]
Why Funny is Always Fashionable

Why Funny is Always Fashionable

You know you’re at peace with yourself and the universe if you can enter a crowded social function, scan the room, and then join the group creating the most laughter. After a certain age, you don’t waste time with pseudo-intellectuals, plastic-faced [...]
Podcast: How To Step Out Of Your Own Shadow

Podcast: How To Step Out Of Your Own Shadow

Listen Here: Debbie Pokornik is the Chief Empowerment Officer for Empowering NRG which helps moms who struggle with a hectic home life transform their relationships so they are re-energized and fall back in love with their lives. Debbie [...]

Labored Days And Skipping Creative Work

Fall brings the annual day to celebrate hard work, by not working. If you’re a working artist you know you’ll pay for skipping studio time. Creative work is hard work. Dancers who miss daily practice will need to stretch harder the next [...]

Podcasts: Tips To Turn Your House Into A Home

Listen Here: Renee Garrison is a former architecture critic of The Tampa Tribune who has written extensively about architecture and interior design, and won two Communication Awards from the American Institute of Architects. Renee is coauthor [...]

Podcast: How to Manifest Your New Physique

Listen Here: Hassan Khan is the Founder of Belly Fat Demolition and a fitness fanatic who helps thrill seekers level up their lives. He’s been featured on NaturalNews and hosts a podcast on iTunes and Stitcher Radio called Belly Fat Demolition [...]

Podcast: The Simple Life: Shiny Objects Not Required

Listen Here: JenningsWire blogger and Happiness Author & Expert, Kita Szpak, is the author of the new book The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required helps everyone who feels like life is a little crazy these days! In this podcast, Kita [...]

Podcast: 10 Smartest Decisions For Women After 40

Listen Here: Licensed psychotherapist, Tina Tessina, or “Dr. Romance” has authored 13 books in 17 languages, including the bestseller – “The Ten Smartest Decisions a Woman Can Make After Forty” – a reference guide [...]

Spirit Of Adventure: The High Drama Of Self-Discovery

When coyotes howl outside your tent, that may be adventure. While you trudge through the wilderness with a 40-pound pack, that could be deemed “adventure.” While sweating like a horse as you pedal over a 12,000-foot pass, you might be living [...]

Happy New Year Every Day

Carla woke up on New Years day not feeling like she was going to have a good day. She didn’t want to start the New Year feeling badly because it might be an omen of things to come. What if we treated every new years day as just another [...]

Podcast: Fitness Through The Decades

Listen Here: Janna Lowell is a fitness pro and a featured trainer on Extra, VH1 Celebrity Fit Club, E! TV and more. She is author of Noodles For Dumbbells – Water Exercise, Weight Management & More. In this podcast Janna discusses fitness [...]

Need A Change In Your Life?

So much time is spent traveling through life on autopilot. Just going through the motions, accepting what is and having each day pass like the one before it. Everything seems normal and so comfortable except for that little nagging thought at [...]

Feeling Challenged by Change? Use the One-Two Punch that Powers Creation

Once in a while things spin out of our control. Of course full control is only an illusion, but it’s an illusion we crave, and on many levels need to maintain our balance. If you’re a creative soul, the wild torque that reorders the things [...]

Podcast: Create A Home In Harmony Lifestyle

Listen Here: Interior Designer, Marriage & Family Therapist and Green Living expert, Christa O’Leary, MA, MFT, is the founder and CEO of Home in Harmony Lifestyle. She teaches people how to ‘Design Inspired Living’ and her upcoming [...]

Podcast: Ignite Your Inner And Outer Sexy

Listen Here: Michelle Perrone is a Board Certified Lifestyle, Health, and Fitness coach who has been featured on the Today Show, Yahoo’s Shine and Kris Carr’s website, Crazy Sexy Life. Michelle is author of the upcoming book Ignite Your [...]

Little Shop, Little Shopaholics

“We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.” – Henny Youngman In spite of the current US economy, oniomania is higher than ever. No, oniomania is not an irrational fear of onions…..it is a fancy psych term for compulsive [...]

Podcast: Stop The World I Want To Get Off!

Listen Here: JenningsWire blogger and Happiness Author & Expert, Kita Szpak discusses simple ways to simplify your life and stop feeling overwhelmed. Kita’s latest book, The SIMPLE Life: Shiny Objects Not Required, is due out in a [...]

Podcast: What You Need To Know BEFORE Becoming a Stepdad

Listen Here: Family Dynamic Expert, Stacey James Wheeler, is a stepdad turned international-selling author and in this podcast, he reveals what you need to know to be a successful Stepdad. Stacey’s first book, The Stepdad’s Guide- Resolving [...]

I’m Ward Luthi And I’m On A Mission…

…A mission to explore every wild corner on this planet in order to introduce the 50-plus generation to active travel and life-changing experiences in the great outdoors. And, also very important for us as a group, to give a gift of safety [...]

Podcast: Noodles For Dumbells – Discover The Power Of Water Exercise

Listen Here: Fitness pro and accidental athlete, Janna Lowell, is the author of “Noodles For Dumbbells, Water Exercise, Weight Management & More” In this JenningsWire podcast, Janna shares her best TIPS & TRICKS to free [...]

A Survival Guide For Aging: Never Surrender

There’s something quite disconcerting when your child—a child who has not yet seen his 17th let alone 20th, 30th or yikes 40th b-day—declares he feels old. Making matters worse he’s made this revolutionary statement not once but twice [...]

6 Easy Ways To Keep Fit On A Daily Basis

Everywhere you look these days, people are talking about fitness, healthy eating, and staying in shape. We’re bombarded with information and news about food quality, GMOs, the war on obesity, and Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move Program geared [...]

The Secrets Of Top Students!

Why should I be a top student anyway? Success demands expectations but most importantly we must learn that success is not for everyone out there; when we become successful we must deliver and stand out and speak out and mark our place in the [...]

Life Is Not Fair – Why Bother?

A client of mine asked an interesting question one day. She had been feeling ill and dealing with the question of what was wrong. She asked me, “What is the point of trying to eat healthy food, exercising regularly, and generally living a [...]

A Lesson From Travis Alexander

I got sucked into the drama of the ongoing Jodi Arias capital murder trial. If you haven’t been following it, the thrust is Jodi savagely murdered her ex-boyfriend, Travis Alexander, by stabbing him 29 times, shooting him in the head, and [...]

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Are you still the fairest of them all? When you look in the mirror, do you see someone you don’t recognize or someone much older than you feel?  Baby boomers want to remain vigorous and healthy, yet many are sinking into a hole of pain and [...]

Book Review: Exclamation Mark By Amy Krouse Rosenthal & Tom Lichtenheld

In a world of periods, exclamation mark really stood out. And he didn’t like it one bit. He felt confused and befuddled. He didn’t fit in and he wasn’t sure how he could. Then one day he found the answers he sought from a new friend – [...]

When A Loved One Struggles With Fear, Anxiety, And Addiction

It can be very tough when a loved one is struggling with fear, anxiety, and addiction. The person who is struggling has their life spiraling out of control while family members watch helplessly in anguish.  I struggled with fear and anxiety [...]

As Wedding Magazines & Bridal Designers/Companies Compete Is The Answer Right Under Their Nose?

News flash: the plus-size shopper is an aspirational shopper, too. This isn’t new information to the majority of women in the US who wear a size a size 14. However, we are often at the back of the fashion bus. Manufacturers and designers would [...]

What’s Your Number?

A friend recently had a baby, and one of her first concerns was whether the child would be bright or not. Ever the optimist, I assured her that indeed her child would be absolutely brilliant in her own unique way, if allowed to follow her inner [...]

How I Managed My Fearful And Negative Thoughts

I’ve had my share of dealing with fearful and negative thoughts in both my career and personal life. The first thing I learned was to replace my negative thoughts with positive statements. For example, I would have a difficult time in [...]