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Stacey James Wheeler

Family Dynamic Expert, Stacey James Wheeler, is a stepdad –turned international-selling author. He is a speaker, columnist for a monthly parenting magazine and the founder of Stepdadding.com.

His first book, The Stepdad’s Guide - Resolving Family Conflict, introduced the Blended Family Conflict Models. The models help couples quickly identify the problems they’re most likely to have and reduce their odds of divorce. This user’s guide helps couples avoid the turmoil that breaks most couples up. His upcoming book, Stepdad 101 – What to Know Before You Marry a Single Mom, launches this fall and is designed to help men make an informed decision about becoming a Stepdad.

Posts by Stacey James Wheeler:

  • Podcast: What You Need To Know BEFORE Becoming a Stepdad

  • September 16th, 2013
    Listen Here: Family Dynamic Expert, Stacey James Wheeler, is a stepdad turned international-selling author and in this podcast, he reveals what you need to know to be a successful Stepdad. Stacey’s first book, The [...]