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Labored Days And Skipping Creative Work

Labored Days And Skipping Creative WorkFall brings the annual day to celebrate hard work, by not working.

If you’re a working artist you know you’ll pay for skipping studio time. Creative work is hard work. Dancers who miss daily practice will need to stretch harder the next day, writers may lose their train of words, and paint dries unblended on the canvas.

Creative habits are intrinsically important to an artist and their work. Habit and work are the tools of creative success. You can’t really have one without the other. But just because the calendar says holiday doesn’t mean it’s a day off for you.

While it’s good for us to change pace and seek new perspectives, planning the time is central to our success.

I can’t even answer the telephone during some painting steps because my work suffers if I allow distraction. Diversions to our schedule may disrupt our overall creation, and celebrations are just irritating if they chop up our work flow.  Too many holidays and you’re creative muscle gets sluggish.

Most people will never know the planned steps that go into a painting. They’ve never heard the myriad of questions I ask before I even choose my canvas. If I don’t respect the use of my time and do the same for what my work needs, my efforts are confused and canvas muddled.  I must identify the complex creative process that makes my ideas into a painting for admirer’s to experience. My painting does not know what a holiday is, only my creativity knows. And if I am to make art I must plan for my holidays, too.

If you’re working creatively I propose you take your calendar and write all over it. 

I like the tangible paper variety for this exercise, but there are digital methods too. Carve up your time with the tasks duties and joyful creating you need to bring your ideas to fruition. Absolutely, don’t forget the dream and thinking time. Be frank and plan it all out on your calendar. How much actual time will you need to make that chapter readable?  What steps and how many before you hang that painting? What is the full life cycle of your creative manifestation? When you know this, you’ll know your day’s labor and that’s when your creativity has something to celebrate.

Sandy Nelson is a contributing blogger for JenningsWire.


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