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Ward Luthi


Ward Luthi is a fit, curious, and adventurous world traveler with a motto, "I’m on a mission!"

His mission is to explore every wild corner of our planet and introduce those 50 years of age and better to the no-limit, full immersion, contact sport of hiking and the wonders of active outdoor travel. And - to eliminate the deaths annually of 4 million women and children by providing them with clean cook stove technology. Ward founded Walking The World, an outdoor adventure program for those 50 and better, in 1987. Since then, he’s led thousands of adventurous souls to more than 80 destinations in 23 countries worldwide.

Taking degrees in Recreation and Park Administration and Urban Planning, Ward finds his best education and joy come from helping small groups of travelers achieve their dreams of great adventures around the world.

A combination of Steve Irwin and Steve Jobs in the adventure travel world, Ward has detailed some of his best tips in his free E-book Walking The World – A Dayhiker’s Guide to Adventure Travel, which you can get free on his website, www.walkingtheworld.com. He also recently collaborated on two pocket trail guides to the best trails in and around Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park, that you can find at selected book stores and at Amazon.com.

Ward has consulted with Europe’s Best of the Alps on bringing the 50+ to summer trails in the Alps, trained at the National Outdoor Leadership School, and been an instructor and Course Director for Outward Bound.

If you’re ready for adventure, connect with Ward at: info@walkingtheworld.com or call (970)498-0500

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