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Happy New Year Every Day

Carla woke up on New Years day not feeling like she was going to have a good day.

She didn’t want to start the New Year feeling badly because it might be an omen of things to come.

What if we treated every new years day as just another day on the calendar?  For much of the world, January 1, is just an ordinary day.

The Chinese celebrate New Year in February.  My Persian friends celebrate it in the spring.

For me, New Year starts in September because I spent so many years in school and that’s when school always started. Or better yet, what if we treat every day as a new year? Every new day is a new opportunity to live our lives to the fullest.

Of course we want to look into the future with optimism and the desire for improvement in our lives.

Jack Nicholson may have said it best in his movie “As Good As It Gets.”  What if this is as good as it gets?  Can we be happy with what we have?  Can we imagine this life and ourselves as perfect or okay?  If we aren’t, what are we willing to do to change it so that we have a better life?

The Matrix is one of my favorite movies.  It illustrates the spiritual path beautifully.

Neo, the main character, is told that he is “The One” early on.  That concept filled him with expectation of what it meant to be “The One”.  He had to go through utter devastation and all his expectations had to be broken before he was able to see what it really meant.

That’s true for all of us.  When we begin our spiritual path, or any other path we choose, we often have a period of darkness where it doesn’t look like we will get what we want.  We have to go through that period so that we can become clearer about what we are really asking for.

All the spiritual teachings speak of living in the now.

In order to let yourself be in the now, you have to stop hanging on to the past.  And….you want to be willing to live your fullest life right here and right now.

On a certain level we are all “The One” in that we each have special gifts and opportunities to offer.  Our goal is to find our way through the maze of our existence to see who we are.

Happy New Year today, tomorrow, and all the tomorrows after that, may each day of your life be an entire new year of healing and growth.

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