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When A Loved One Struggles With Fear, Anxiety, And Addiction

It can be very tough when a loved one is struggling with fear, anxiety, and addiction.

The person who is struggling has their life spiraling out of control while family members watch helplessly in anguish.  I struggled with fear and anxiety for a long time, and here are some suggestions I learned that a family member can do to help someone who is suffering.

The first thing that I recommend is to get the person who is struggling the help they need to get them back on their feet. Don’t be a pest but its important to be persistent in reminding the person to get help. From personal  experience, people who refuse to get help for their anxieties is because they are fearful of what might happen. Take this into consideration when dealing with your loved one.

The person’s family should be understanding and patient when they deal with someone who is struggling with various mental health issues. When I was struggling with my fears, my family was understanding and they didn’t yell at me or force me to do things I didn’t want to do. They treated me like an adult which is very important.

I find that being honest is very important.

Nobody wants to hear what will happen if they refuse to get help but its important that the person who is struggling is aware of the consequences of their decisions. Do not add more stress to the situation but its important that the person knows what will happen if things do not change.  The next step is to  offer solutions to the situation so the person knows that there is a way out.

Prayer is very important. Have every family member and the person’s friends say a prayer every day for the person who is struggling.  Asking God for his assistance is very important.  Do not stop praying even when the person gets help.  Never underestimate the power of God.

Have a former addict or a former person who has struggled with anxiety and depression talk to the person who is struggling. A person who has “been there” can offer a unique perspective on the situation since they been down this road. A person who is struggling will be able to related better to  someone who has been in their shoes  than someone who has not.

I struggled with these mental health issues all of my life and these are some of the ways to help a loved one who is struggling with their mental health. A professional counselor can give additional advice on how to handle the situation of a loved one who is struggling.  Remember to treat your loved one with respect and not like a child and do not make the situation worse than it already is.

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