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The Secrets Of Top Students!

Why should I be a top student anyway?

Success demands expectations but most importantly we must learn that success is not for everyone out there; when we become successful we must deliver and stand out and speak out and mark our place in the society.

Some of us fear success and when we feel that we are almost there, we sabotage the success we aimed for so long; whaa! it’s coming closer and closer, and we choose not to get out of our comfort zone and prefer to stay where we are, safe, quiet and totally protected.

Looking at success as a friend we want to join throughout our journey in life and learn how to embrace it takes an entire different attitude and we can choose that attitude.

When does success start? Is there an ending or a middle place for success?

Why success?

Success starts with you and only you throughout your school years and education.

Education forms the foundation and the blueprint designing your entire life and the way you color it. Also the way you paint it with your feelings and desires, you create the life you want and furthermore the life that will fit you and style you comfortably and kindly.

So what happens to all the shy and insecure students out there, achieving high marks, stand out in the crowd, reach a status of valedictorian a huge prestige for all their hard work, dedication study and acing their tests one by one? Those same students follow the mark and continue to be in the top percentage throughout their entire education.

The past, the present and the future!

Can we deliver that speech and feel at ease without a sweat, a pounding heart, a fear that only you standing there can relate to? I know I did when I delivered my speech in front of 620 people, students, parents, teachers and family and friends of 40 years.

Every second felt like a lifetime and I felt that it would never be over. Going back to that very moment made me the person I am today. Moving forward 40 years I can so deeply relate to the message that Stefanie Weisman is delivering in her fabulous and powerful book “The Secrets of Top Students”.

Stefanie is not only sharing with us her entire inner being. She is going hundreds of miles further, helping you out there students of all walks of life, ages and gender how to overcome the challenges in learning, acing the tests and why reaching the top education barometer is so valuable and important to us.

She is furnishing us simple tools, step by step. She takes us by our hands gently holding us and telling us that it can be done and never give up. She leads us to a path reducing our fears of the unknown and reach out for the success we deeply seek and so often give up.

The secrets ore out!

I am thrilled and honored to meet Stefanie. I read her book cover to cover multiple times and for me personally this book brought me home to a place I felt and experienced so long ago.

I can tell you that the words still ring in my ears as I concluded my speech as a valedictorian back in high school. I don’t know where I got the wisdom at the time, I was 17 years old but as I spoke those words not on my paper I prepared for weeks.

I know now that they came from the core of my entire being as I was tapping into my dancing soul, fast beating heart and my warm loving mind I could never forget “We can choose our attitude towards everything in life and the attitude will make the difference so why not a positive one” shift and filter your attitude prior to making your choices and the best will follow.

Stefanie, thank you for reminding me of this powerful statement I made over 4 decades ago I so cherish today. This very fine statement kept me going when times were hard, when times were challenging and when choices were not easy to be made; should I take the road to the left, to the right or should I stay where I am safe and comfortable?

Ultimately I learned that the choice cushioned my pounding heart, lighting my inner spirit and lifted my passion to go on and move forward and reach out and touch other people in the process as I was heading for success, reducing the drops of fears and doubts along the way.

I trust and hope that millions of students worldwide will benefit from your wisdom, Stefanie and introduce and practice the powerful tools you are sharing with us in this phenomenal book.

Whether you are a student in the U.S.A., Africa, Asia or any other geographical location in the world we do share the same common ribbon, the desire to get an education, the need for education, and name and claim our success deriving from our determination and desire to learn and connect and hopefully become happy and fulfilled with the fruits of our labor.

As I write this emotional blog I am recognizing the fact that we are in the midst of graduations all over the world and each and every time I attend one of these meaningful events; a friend’s daughter, son or a close friend I shed a tear or two and I continue to connect completely to the person on stage feeling exactly what they are experiencing.

The fear of the new life; the reach to success and the unknown and yet knowing that there is a whole new future awaiting them with and that the choice of attitude will change the course of their future one step at a time. Changes are guaranteed but the liberty of choices are presented to us throughout the changes in life and we can choose to color our lives with education and paint it with our feelings of success.

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