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Podcast: Reading & Writing Helps Children Grieve

Podcast: Reading & Writing Helps Children Grieve

Listen Here: Barbara Donsky is author of Veronica’s Grave: A Daughter’s Memoir, a former professional children’s reading specialist who discusses her book with us today and how reading can help children cope with trauma. Reading & [...]

Dementia’s Terrible Legacy For Her Kids

At 93, my mother Vivien lives daily on the edge of the “long sleep” awaiting her after a dynamic life of work, dancing, sports, travel, golf, gardening and raising her children. While her body continues its earthly journey, her mind leaves [...]

Podcast: Parents! Learn How To Embrace Defiance

Listen Here: Dr. Beth Halbert is the author of Embracing Defiance, Helping Your Child Express their Unique Voice While Keeping Your Sanity. Known as America’s Teenologist, Dr. Beth shares how parents can embrace what they naturally want [...]

Podcast: Get Out Of The Way Of Your Kids’ Success

Listen Here: Dr. Joanie Connell is the author of Flying without a Helicopter: How to Prepare Young People for Work and Life. She is an organizational psychologist who has taken her knowledge and experience in working with organizational [...]

Podcast: Fostering Self-Confidence In Kids

Listen Here: Dr. Frank Sileo is a NJ licensed psychologist and award winning author that will be discussing how to foster self confidence in children. His latest book is Don’t Put Yourself Down In Circus Town: A Story About Self-Confidence.  Fostering [...]

Podcast: Boosting Self Esteem in Black Children

Listen Here: Crystal Swain-Bates is the owner of Goldest Karat Publishing and author of 7 children’s books including her latest release “Black Fairy Tales”. Her books, particularly the best-selling “Big Hair, Don’t Care”, all [...]

Podcast: Helping Teens Lead Lives They Love

Listen Here: Podcast: Helping Teens Lead Lives They LoveHenna Hundal is an impassioned youth empowerment advocate, silence-breaker, and game changer. She is the lead host of Express Yourself! Teen Radio, the top-rated program on the VoiceAmerica [...]

4 ‘Dangerous’ Yet Crucial Things Every Parent Should Encourage

I am a psychologist who works with adults, who are often very high achievers. So when I am asked if I see children in my practice, my routine tongue-in-cheek quip is, “only those in adult bodies.” More seriously, I’ve seen [...]

Podcast: How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce?

Listen Here: Rosalind Sedacca is a Divorce & Parenting Coach as well as the Founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network for parents. She is author of How Do I Tell The Kids About The Divorce? In this podcast, Rosalind shares must [...]

How Do You Define Being Grown Up?

I recently talked to a guy I hadn’t seen in almost two years who told me that he had gotten married in that time and was now expecting a baby. Well, his wife was actually the one carrying the fetus; this isn’t Junior after all. What got [...]

Podcast: Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!

Listen Here: Today’s guest is Dr. Richard Hansler is a physicist who spent more than forty years doing research for GE on better and brighter light bulbs. It was only after retiring from GE and going to John Carroll University that he discovered [...]

Podcast: Raising Children In A Competitive Culture

Listen Here: Dr. Hilary Levey Friedman is a Harvard sociologist and author of Playing To Win: Raising Children In A Competitive Culture, about elementary school-age children’s participation in the competitive afterschool activities of [...]

The Midlife Sage: My Grandkid Has More Chromosomes Than Yours

In January of 2009, a woman in California gave birth to eight children, giving her a total of 14 healthy kids. She was single, unemployed, living with her parents, and later she received income by filming a pornographic video and taking welfare. The [...]

Helping Your Children Get Through The Crisis Of Divorce

Divorce is never a simple matter logistically or emotionally. And when there are children involved, often the hardest part is to put your own emotional issues aside in order to do some very difficult parenting feats. Here are some ways to help [...]

Resolving The Question Of Whether Or Not To Have Children

For some couples, the decision to have children is something that is discussed long before marriage. In some cases, I am told, on the first or second date!  But for many couples, deciding whether or not to have children can be one of their [...]

Is There Ever A Right Time To Have Children?

People are becoming parents much later these days. There are many factors that contribute, especially career and financial concerns, but having spoken to many of my clients that are considering children, they are rarely on the fence—they either [...]

A Rudeness Born Of Desperation

Siem Reap, Cambodia She is perhaps five or six, with dark eyes, straight black hair that touches the back of her neck, and skin the color of teak. She dances up to the picnic table with a white smile and 10 postcards of the ancient temples at [...]

Podcast: Why Physical Fitness Is Key To Raising Balanced Kids

Listen Here: Laura Cottam Sajbel, who is the mother of three children involved in sports, was intrigued when she met Wella Hartig, the mom of Olympian Aaron Peirsol and his sister, world-class athlete Hayley. The result was a collaboration [...]

Fueling The GPS

We in the world of ADHD professionals talk often about the importance of an early diagnosis so that treatment can begin and allow strategy development for impairments to success. That makes sense.  Knowing the diagnosis allows the child to [...]

Too Young To Understand Murder? Too Young To Play Violent Video Games!

In Slaughter, LA an 8-year-old boy shot his grandmother in the back of her head while she watched TV. The boy had just finished playing Grand Theft Auto, a video game that gives you points and advancement for the number of “people” you kill. (Slaughter, [...]

Podcast: Empowering Parents To Teach Music To Their Kids

Listen Here: Gail Nelson is the author of Teach Your Kids Music in 12 Weeks and she will be sharing her secrets of musical success and why music education is important for your kids. Empowering Parents to Teach Music to Their Kids What [...]

Erasing Anxiety as Transition Looms

The approach of August brings with it the overwhelming and anxiety producing thoughts of the start of school for many diagnosed with ADHD. The symptoms of ADHD do not allow many times a user friendly environment for them.  What can you do as [...]

Lessons From Your Grandchildren

What lessons can we learn from our grandchildren? From the first moment your grandchildren are born their world is seen through the lens of wonder and discovery. Even their own body parts lend themselves to hours of fascination, like when they [...]

Targeting Fear In Parents For Profit

I saw a very disturbing commercial on television today. I actually had to check to see if I was dreaming or not because this commercial was simply so unbelievable, so pathetic, so not what Americans needs for its children today, that a Reality [...]

Homework Shenanigans: Turning Down The Heat

It would be interesting if we could take a psychological temperature reading across the country while homework is being conducted. Typically from four in the afternoon to about 9 o’clock at night. My sense is that, in many households, the [...]

Podcast: Guiding Military Parents In School Choice

Listen Here: Frederick Birkett Ed.M is a Professor at the University of Hawaii’s College of Education and author of The Military Parent’s Guide to Public, Private, and Charter Schools. This podcast discusses the unique circumstances affecting [...]

The Parental Balancing Act

I recently read an editorial in Philadelphia Magazine about parents demanding too little from their children.* The author opined “we have caved in to the foolish idea that being a good parent means being nice to our children, and making their [...]

Lost Opportunities In Every Day Interactions

Marnie, a five year-old came to my office accompanying her mother who wanted to talk to me about her older sister, Jocelyn. When I went out to greet the mom, Marnie was on some type of head set connected to a small screen device.  Marnie [...]

Podcast: The Self-Aware Parent

Listen Here: Dr. Fran Walfish spent 15 years on clinical staff in the Department of Child Psychiatry at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and is now the top leading child and family psychotherapist in Beverly Hills. She is a regular expert contributor [...]

Hedonistic Pirates: Modern Indulgences

One day I was working in one of my favorite local café’s to focus down and get work done. Sitting close by was the unwitting subject of this discussion. The café is a public place. There were lots of people sitting around doing what they [...]

3 Myth’s To Help You Address Your Adult Child’s “Failure To Launch”

Failure to launch. Either returning home after being away to college, leaving the nest, or having never moved out to begin with, there is generally a variation of one or both of these two scenarios. For some of these young adults, the current [...]

Children & Divorce: A New Approach That’s Sensitive and Sane!

Few children outgrow the warm comfort of a bedtime tale. And like most kids, my son always enjoyed his baby pictures – watching himself grow and change. Divorce is certainly no fairytale, but I thought, ‘Maybe combining a story with our [...]

Never Give Up!

What would you do if you woke up one morning and those most precious to you were gone? “Kidjacked” is the true account of how Scott Lesnick persevered, not once but twice, to get his two small children back to the United States [...]

Divorce Or Stay Together For The Kids? A Personal Perspective For Parents

Divorce is a highly emotional topic. When children are involved the consequences are far more dramatic – and, not surprisingly, so are our opinions. I know there are many people who sincerely believe that no divorce is a good divorce. They [...]

Big Bird Vs. The Power Rangers

The debate has been on-going for years. The debate about children watching violence on TV and how it may be affecting their behaviors may finally be over, and the news is not good!  However, the future can be better! Consider this, the average [...]