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Richard Hansler

Richard Hansler PhD is Director of the Lighting Innovations Institute at John Carroll University (JCU). He did research on lighting for GE for more than 40 years before joining the University in 1996. He is author of three books on the effect of light on human health. His latest book, “Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep” describes the easy things a new mother can do to protect herself and her baby from potential harm to sleep and to health from using ordinary light during the night. His team at JCU developed lighting that is safe to use at night. Please visit Dr. Hansler at LowBlueLights.com.

Posts by Richard Hansler:

  • Podcast: Pregnant? New Baby? Need Sleep!

  • November 4th, 2013
    Listen Here: Today’s guest is Dr. Richard Hansler is a physicist who spent more than forty years doing research for GE on better and brighter light bulbs. It was only after retiring from GE and going to John Carroll [...]