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Lessons From Your Grandchildren

What lessons can we learn from our grandchildren?

From the first moment your grandchildren are born their world is seen through the lens of wonder and discovery.

Even their own body parts lend themselves to hours of fascination, like when they discover their fingers.

As they begin to crawl they learn about textures and temperature as they touch floors and furniture.

The introduction of solid foods to their diet provides new and different flavors.

As your grandchildren grow there is a continuous flow of opportunities for learning and discovery.

Let’s take a moment to consider the way your grandchildren view their world. They are literally seeing everything for the first time. Perhaps we can learn something from them by taking a fresh look at everyday objects and events.

  • How often do you take time to consider a beautiful sunset?
  • Do you pause to look at and smell those lovely flowers in your path?
  • How often do you actually take time to really appreciate the flavor and texture of the food you eat?
  • Have you taken time to listen to the sound of the rain falling?

As adults there are so many things we just take for granted in our daily lives. We no longer think about them the way a child does. Our views have been tainted by our experiences and our senses have been dulled from an overload of everything from social media to video games.

Perhaps we should create a ‘To Do’ list to help us bring back that innocent perspective we once had as a child.

  • Take a photo of the next beautiful sunset you see and share it with your friends and family.
  • Stop and smell those beautiful flowers you pass by everyday and then share with your friends.
  • Put your smart phone down and notice what you are eating during dinner.
  • Just for fun – Take a bubble bath and play with the bubbles.

I challenge you to create your own ‘To Do’ list taken from the ‘lens’ of your grandchild.

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